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5 CRE LinkedIn Networking Groups to Join Today
LinkedIn continues to be a leader in social networking and connecting for professionals. Members can learn more about professionals in their industry and connect with thought leaders and power players. With the addition of LinkedIn groups, members can connect on an even deeper level and, more specifically, with thought leaders in their space and gather insights from professionals across the globe.
5 CRE Trends to Watch in 2017 by Sector
If you’re looking for the latest predictions of where Commercial Real Estate is headed for 2017, particularly for your sector, you’ve arrived at the right place! Welcome to the future.
5 Places Where Multifamily Construction is Booming
Ever wonder where to go to find a shiny, brand new apartment complex? Multi-family construction is booming all over the US, and is continuing on trends that began years ago, and have been increasing, believe it or not. These five cities are some of the largest in the current iteration of the boom!
5 CRE Tech Companies You Should Follow on Twitter
The CRE industry has benefited greatly in recent years from the work of tech startups that focus on supporting it. Industry professionals are more efficient, informed, and better able to recognize and act on opportunity than ever, thanks to CRE platforms and apps.
6 Coldwell Banker Commercial Offices Trending on Twitter
Coldwell Banker Commercial is honored to have a large team of affiliates representing the CBC name all across the nation. Whether helping their clients with their commercial real estate needs or sharing hyper local information on their specialized areas of service, these Coldwell Banker Commercial firms are making a splash on social media and bringing the best of commercial real estate news to their spheres.
10 College Towns Ripe for Investment
College towns are a breed apart, and they can present unique investment opportunities when some key factors are aligned. In some of these markets, rental yields can be as high as 14%, so they’re a smart choice for investors. The demographics in a college town help create this favorable environment for rental property. There are several major advantages to owning rental property in college towns.
4 Retail Predictions for CRE this Holiday Season
Based on information from the 2015 season, as well as trends and developments for the year to date, here are some things to expect for the holidays in 2016.
Industrial Rehabilitation Helps Economies Thrive
Recent years have seen a boost in repurposing projects for underutilized industrial properties around the country. This has positive effects on areas that had become urban “dead zones,” breathing new life into disused neighborhoods.
The Internet Isn't Killing Malls - Better Malls Are
Fred Schmidt, CBC President & COO, recently commented on brick-and-mortar retail for a feature story in Racked. The story, titled “The Internet Isn’t Killing Malls – Better Malls Are”, explores how retailers and malls that offer amenities, high-end stores and experiences are beating out traditional shopping malls.
Increased International Capital Inspires CRE Growth
The last couple of years have seen growing participation in the U.S. commercial market by international investors. This can be attributed in part to the relative strength of the U.S economy, and the transparency of transactions here. Foreign investors, including sovereign funds, which have large amounts of capital to park in a safe place, are attracted by low interest rates and favorable spreads. Capital preservation and higher yields are the main draw for international buyers to the U.S. market.

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