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7 Coldwell Banker Commercial Bloggers to Bookmark
Recently, we shared some of our affiliates to follow on Twitter and we were happy to do so as they are all putting out some great information and knowledge in every 140 characters they tweet. Some of our affiliates are also saying more than just 140 characters so we wanted to highlight some of the Coldwell Banker Commercial bloggers that you should bookmark.
4 CRE Stats from 2016 That Might Surprise You
Big data is driving more aspects of the business world than ever. CRE is no different and these data points and statistics can help predict what the market has in store for the future. Not only does it help predict, but it also helps to show what is happening and what is working for businesses.
5 Considerations for Cyber Security in Smart Buildings
As the world becomes more connected through the internet of things and everything becomes “smart”, while convenient, it can also lead to more avenues for outside parties to obtain personal information or perform cyber-attacks. When looking at smart buildings it is important to consider the security of the people who will be utilizing the building and also the security of the data that will now be stored within the building to help make it smart.
Green Building Practices in CRE: What to Watch
Going green has come into play in most everyone’s lives in one shape or form by now and is being embraced more frequently than it used to be. One of the major things to go green and help to build a greener future is building commercial real estate utilizing green products as well as techniques. Green buildings are on the rise and it seems that they will only continue to grow.
3 Big Trends from the Retail Sector in 2016
The retail sector has seen some dramatic shifts in the past years as technology and the presence of online shopping continues to evolve and grow. While online shopping has changed the way that consumers consume, there is still desire and demand for brick and mortar. 
Here’s What Multifamily Looks Like in the Top Job Markets
For the commercial real estate sector job growth in a city can mean the possibility for more demand from renters which means possible opportunities in the multifamily market. Here is a look at the top cities for job growth and their multifamily market.
5 Considerations to Make When Shopping Flex Space
Here are some factors that need to be considered when looking to the possibility of utilizing flex space.
4 Transit-Oriented Developments to Watch in 2017
Transit-oriented development or TOD is the development of transit hubs like train stations and airports into not only a place to go to travel but also a place to shop with retail locations coming into these transit hubs.
5 Don’t-Miss Disruptors in the CRE Tech Space
There are a few companies helping to lead the disruption of the CRE industry. Here we take a look at which companies these are and how they are helping to improve the industry.
Is the Open Office Concept a Goner?
Open offices were a big deal and are much-hyped thanks to tech companies such as Google and other startups looking for something different. However, it seems the verdict is in and open concept offices are not being so well received these days.

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