Thought Leadership Series

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Co-Living – The New Real Estate Trend

Co-living, a new housing option within the family of alternative asset class, aims to strike a balance between privacy and community. The idea of co-living is based on a community-centered environment by offering high standards of accommodation with added services thereby providing not only privacy in living...


5 Ways to Respect Your Coworkers in Shared Office Space

Shared office spaces can be great for brainstorming sessions and collaborative projects. However, sometimes you need peace and quiet to work. As the open-concept architectural design trend spreads into the office, there are some general rules to keep in mind in order to be respectful of the individuals that you’re... READ MORE

Moving Day! 5 Tips to Keep Office Moves Streamlined

Whether you’re upgrading to a larger space or moving to better-located office space, there are plenty of reasons why companies choose to move. Moving day — and the months leading up to the relocation — can be hectic. Here, we’ll provide you with the five moving day tips to move your entire office from one... READ MORE