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5 Reasons Industrial Real Estate is Going to Be Hot in 2019
5 Reasons Industrial Real Estate is Going to Be Hot in 2019 According to the 2019 Commercial Real Estate Outlook’s survey of 500 global investors, industrial, along with other “nontraditional REITs,” is the only asset not trading at a discount of its net value. That is despite growing global uncertainty due to...
4 Not-So-Obvious Reasons Why Warehouses are Hot Investments Right Now
The obvious reason behind this surge in investor excitement about warehouses is the growth of e-commerce, but that’s not the only reason. Here are 4 not-so-obvious reasons why warehouses are hot investments right now.
5 Ways AR and AI are Changing the CRE Game
Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence (AR and AI) may still be far from standard in CRE, but it’s only a matter of time. Change is happening now and could hit sooner than many of us believe, leaving some CRE pros behind and pushing others to the forefront.
3 Ways the Industrial Market is Being Impacted by Retail
Retail trends have had a huge impact on the industrial market for the last few years. Amazon shifted the entire e-commerce industry to lightning-fast shipping, which means that industrial centers and warehouses are being moved to closer-to-the-city locations to handle the load.
Industrial Rehabilitation Helps Economies Thrive
Recent years have seen a boost in repurposing projects for underutilized industrial properties around the country. This has positive effects on areas that had become urban “dead zones,” breathing new life into disused neighborhoods.

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