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Our team of professionals has the unique skills to help you find the perfect commercial property in your area. Our professional’s masterful skills will help get you the property of your dreams.


We are dedicated to finding the right commercial property solution for your business. Whether you are looking for commercial land, warehouses, or retail space our team is dedicated to finding you the right solution.


Our professionals are driven to find you the best property. They are experts in their commercial real estate markets and take pride in their knowledge.

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The right space can take your company to the next level. Imagine filling a larger warehouse with even more goods or inviting clients to a retail establishment in an up-and-coming area of town. Your reputation can soar when you commit to buying or leasing a property that suits all your needs. Coldwell Banker Commercial agents can show you locations that will enhance your business prospects. You will appreciate our attention to detail, which means considering everything you want in a property and ensuring you get all those essentials.Why should you pick us for your commercial real estate needs? We know each community we serve because we are a part of it. Our professionals are active members of the towns where they sell. They know who’s buying and selling properties and why. They know the best areas in town to look for bargains and which to stay away from. They know the market trends and can advise you on good pricing. Our agents enjoy their jobs, and they like finding great deals for our clients. They will always look out for your needs in any transaction. 

What Types of Commercial Property Can You Find With Us?

We lease and sell a whole range of commercial real estate. Our clients include just about every industry you can imagine. From logistics to doctor’s offices to specialty shops and more, our clients run the gamut of professions. We know how to help anyone who walks through our doors. We talk to you about your business goals in order to determine things such as:

  • The best location for your business
  • The right size property
  • Any special considerations, such as equipment or transportation, that your company will deal with

Based on all these factors, we recommend properties that will work best for you. We can also look into something specific if you already have a property in mind. With so many options, you will find the new location that improves your everyday dealings with customers and offers the right conveniences, like a nearby workforce who can help your company expand.

Discover the Difference With a Coldwell Banker Commercial Agent

We treat each one of our clients like individuals. We listen to your needs and find properties to match. We won’t try to sell you something just to make a sale. Our clients come from a range of commercial backgrounds, and we provide each of them the personalized attention and customized real estate solutions they need. We love the challenge of getting a few details from you about what you want, then using that direction to uncover a property that hits all your requirements.

You can tell a lot about a company through its customer satisfaction. We keep in touch with our clients and always have an eye out for better values for anyone we work with.



Market Intelligence

Infographic: Shopping In-store vs. Online Shopping

Infographic: Shopping In-store vs. Online Shopping

The retail industry is in the midst of epic change and while some predict the end of brick and mortar stores, a recent Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates survey conducted online by Harris Poll aimed to explore current shopper preferences and trends to determine the real state of commercial real estate today.

Infographic: Commercial Real Estate & Technology: The Generational Divide

Infographic: Commercial Real Estate & Technology: The Generational Divide

Infographic that addresses how each generation sees aspects like the adoption, use and importance of technology. Ultimately, each generations’ concerns come down to the impact that new technology will have on the industry.

Infographic: The Growing Value of Digital Tools

Infographic: The Growing Value of Digital Tools

Which digital tools do commercial real estate professionals value most, and what devices are they using to access them, and how are these professionals’ technology habits likely to change in the years to come?

Infographic: Workers Prefer Dynamic and Efficient Office Space

Infographic: Workers Prefer Dynamic and Efficient Office Space

As employers seek to define the workplace perks most likely to attract and retain employees, a recent Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates survey found that the physical office itself could keep staff happier. 

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