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Managing Real Estate Expenses in the Coronavirus Economy
The following is a guest post by Tom Hershey, Dan Spiegel and Jane Thorn Leeson Read the original article on  Real estate premise expense can consume as much as 20% of revenue for many businesses, making it one of the top operating costs. It is therefore no surprise that in these times of uncertainty,...
Acquiring Commercial Property and Environmental Audits: Do I Need One?
The following is a guest post from Dan Stiebel, CCIM of Coldwell Banker Commercial Schmidt Realtors, Traverse City, MI When purchasing any commercial property, it is important to know the history of that property and find out if there might be environmental contamination that could impact plans for, or the occupants...
Commercial Real Estate Tips in Rural Markets Featuring Ben Bates
Rural landscapes are changing, and those changes are impacting commercial real estate. Living in a rural community has its own set of unique issues, obstacles and benefits when it comes to commercial real estate. The secret is diversification, according to Ben Bates, broker/owner of Coldwell Banker Ben Bates.
Path to Commercial Real Estate Passes through the Donut Hole
Midlife often triggers change. This may mean change your car, to a sporty model; or change your hair, to a new color and style, and on occasion change your career. Coldwell Banker Commercial is an ideal landing space for those considering such a move.
3 Choices to Make You More Successful
The following is a guest post from Jef Conn of Coldwell Banker Commercial Capital Advisors in Lubbock, TX Real estate, including commercial, is an entrepreneur’s dream. You get to control your own destiny with limitless income and leadership potential. In my opinion, the greatest freedom as well as challenge in life...
Coldwell Banker Commercial National Real Estate Outlook 2020
2020 marks the start of a new year and, perhaps more excitingly, a new decade. And while economic and real estate cycles do not revolve around the calendar year – aside from any actions resulting from changes in calendar year tax policy – it is still a great time to reflect on what real estate decisions were...
Increasing Diversity and Representation in Brokerage Ownership
Creating opportunities for groups that are underrepresented at the ownership level in the real estate industry.
3 Ways Restaurant Trends are Impacting Their Space Requirements
CRE makes up the physical spaces where business happens. Because of this relationship, changes in one sector have a strong impact on the whole industry. Once a new trend gains momentum, CRE tenants begin to shop, lease, and buy spaces differently. This relationship can be observed in the evolving restaurant scene. As...
You Can’t Ignore In-Store
99% of U.S. consumers shopped in physical stores in the past twelve months, according to the latest Coldwell Banker Commercial survey.
Here’s How CRE is Changing in the Nation’s Biggest Tech Hubs
Commercial real estate is one of the world’s most influential businesses. Since CRE gives physical shape to the industries around us, it has the power to change up the game on a global scale.  We’re seeing this happen now in the country’s most popular tech-fueled metros. The commercial real estate industry is...

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