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3 Trends in Green Building We’re Paying Attention To

Going green is more than just a trend now but what options there are to go green has seen incredible changes throughout the last few years. While small changes can help your lifestyle to be greener there are large changes as well that can be made not only by individuals in their lives but also large companies and developers. Here are a few trends that we have our eye on right now.


The Impact of Electric Vehicles on CRE

Electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent as Tesla and other car manufacturers continue to change the auto industry. Another industry this is impacting is the commercial real estate industry as owners of these vehicles need places to plug in, as opposed to stopping at gas stations to fuel up.


Green Building Practices in CRE: What to Watch

Going green has come into play in most everyone’s lives in one shape or form by now and is being embraced more frequently than it used to be. One of the major things to go green and help to build a greener future is building commercial real estate utilizing green products as well as techniques. Green buildings are on the rise and it seems that they will only continue to grow.