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How Hybrid Healthcare Models are Fueling Medical CRE Growth
The healthcare industry quickly adapted to virtual care delivery during the pandemic, and for both caregivers and patients, the rapid transition from in-office to on-screen visits left much to be desired. So what will healthcare look like moving forward? Integrated, and at a pace never imagined before 2020. The demand...
Coldwell Banker Commercial National Real Estate Outlook 2021: Hot CRE Property Types & Adjustments to Navigate a Pandemic - Part Two
This is the second part in a series of insights shared by the Coldwell Banker Commercial team in collaboration with local leadership and real estate professionals from around the country. They recently gathered to discuss micro and macro market trends for the coming year. The group covered an array of asset classes,...
Not Your Mother’s Mall: Transforming the Modern Retail Center
The following article was written by Tom Hersey, National Director of Commercial Servicing for Coldwell Banker Commercial Watching the latest season of Stranger Things, one cannot help but reminisce about the mall in its glory days. In the 1980s, the mall did to Main Street what the internet has done to almost all...
Negotiating Your Way to the Top
Every real estate professional knows that top-notch negotiation skills are key to being successful in the business. At 2019 Global Conference, you’ll get to hear from one of the prime negotiators in the United States. Eric Maddox conducted over 2,700 interrogations for the United States Army while deployed in...
4 Tips for Leasing CRE During the Summer Months
Some businesses are incredibly seasonal. Some businesses, for example, like ice cream shops or retail shops in resort areas, are widely dependent on the revenue they generate in the summer months. Securing a good lease for these months can help play a great role in the success of the small window your business may have during the year.
4 Trends in Experiential Retail CRE Players Should Watch
The retail landscape has been changing for quite some time with the largest impact coming from online retailers and more purchases being made on the internet. Retailers are coming up with different ways to attract customers to their stores. One of these ways is by creating “experiential” retail locations or locations that are an experience for the customer. These experiential stores can help to reimagine the retail landscape and how retail spaces are being utilized.
6 Amenities Today’s Luxury Tenants Want in Multifamily
In the ultra-competitive luxury multifamily market, developers are doing everything they can to attract top-tier tenants. Many buildings are now including top-of-the-line amenities, many of which were practically unheard of just a few years ago. Whether you’re a real estate agent wanting to stay on top of the trends or a building developer or owner who wants to appeal to today’s luxury tenants, you might be surprised by some of these unique features.
4 Reasons to Renegotiate Your CRE Lease with an Agent’s Help
No matter what industry you are in, a lease can be a critical part of your business. It not only adds to your overhead expenses, it can also be the cornerstone to any facilities that you may operate in. With that in mind, it is incredibly important to make sure you have terms that are favorable to your business in the lease.
Industrial Rehabilitation Helps Economies Thrive
Recent years have seen a boost in repurposing projects for underutilized industrial properties around the country. This has positive effects on areas that had become urban “dead zones,” breathing new life into disused neighborhoods.
Retail Renovation Spurs Construction Growth in 2016
Retail construction is leading all other property types, growing nearly 25% in 2015 over the previous year. The hard-hit retail sector is coming around, and a large portion of the building going on in retail is renovation rather than new construction. This trend is expected to continue, with estimates for retail construction growth coming in at 9% (120msf) for 2016. The added value will be about 10% ($20 billion).

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