Prepare your Commercial Property For Sale or Lease Part III: Appearance

Balloons are necessary for an ‘Open House’; not for selling or leasing a commercial space.

Here is Part III of the low cost suggestions from the CBC® organization to help prepare your property for sale / lease. Many of the suggestions will seem like common sense, but you would be surprised at how many of these are often overlooked:


  • Paint
    A fresh coat of paint can drastically increase the presentation value of your property. A neutral color scheme is the way to go for selling / leasing. Choose only 3 colors or less to paint your interiors. If you have an open floor plan, paint the main floor all the same color.   However, don’t spend too much time repainting as new tenants may have ideas in mind on how they want the space to look.
  • Windows
    Clean the blinds on the windows.  Clean the interiors of the windows.  Also, if your building has a nice view, don’t obstruct the views with closed blinds.  Buyers / tenants like to know there is something nice to look at during working hours.
  • Flooring
    Inspect the carpet for stains or tears.  If there is damage, have it replaced.  If the floors are hardwood or tile, check for cracks or splits and repair as necessary.
  • Clean
    You would think this one is common sense but let me assure you, it’s not always the case! A clean property translates into ‘They must really care about their building.”
  • Declutter
    Less is best! Rooms that have too much furniture and office fixtures make a room look smaller. Consider the flow of traffic throughout the rooms. Reduce the furniture to create open floor space.  But keep in mind that vacant rooms will also make a room appear smaller.   Don’t make the space too bare!
  • Lighting
    Spend money on new light fixtures.  There are many low-cost lighting options to select from so no excuses for having dated fixtures.  Make sure you replace any burnt out light bulbs or broken Exit signs.
  • Fake the Space
    Consider renting furniture to fill empty space. Office suites can be easily staged with fixtures, such as desks, simulated computers and even a mock lunch room.  By enhancing the office space, you can create a positive impression which helps prospective tenants visualize the space, so they can plan how they would use the space for their employees.

After following a few of these suggestions provided by the Coldwell Banker Commercial® organization, you will realize there are simple and effective solutions for virtually any commercial space to get it sold / leased.

Contact a Coldwell Banker Commercial professional to ensure the maximum exposure and marketing of your property. 

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By the Coldwell Banker Commercial Organization