Prepare your Commercial Property For Sale or Lease Part II: The Interior

Picking the toys up off the floor will help you sell your home, not a commercial property.

Here is Part II of the low cost suggestions from the CBC® organization to help prepare your property for sale / lease. Many of the suggestions will seem like common sense, but you would be surprised at how many of these are often overlooked:

The Building Interior

  • Common Areas
    Keep the common areas neat, clean and free of clutter.  Make sure everything is in good working order; check the elevators, restrooms, etc.
  • Construction
    If the space is currently under construction, keep these areas clean.  Sweep any dust or debris.  Have the workers take a break when you are showing a space to a potential tenant / purchaser.

The Tenant’s Space

  • Remove any remnants of the previous tenant
    If the previous tenant had a company sign on the wall, make sure it is removed.  If the previous tenant had specialty fixtures, have them removed.  If they had unusual color choices for paint, have the walls repainted. New tenants moving in want to picture how the space will work for them. 
  • Depersonalize
    If you are looking to sublease or if the current tenants are still in the space, have them temporarily take down personal items. We know employees love their family photos, awards, diplomas, religious items and other personal treasures, but explain to them that this action is only temporary until the building is sold / leased.

After following a few of these suggestions provided by the Coldwell Banker Commercial® organization, you will realize there are simple and effective solutions for virtually any commercial space to get it sold / leased.

Contact a Coldwell Banker Commercial professional to ensure the maximum exposure and marketing of your property.

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By the Coldwell Banker Commercial organization