How Cicadas Affect Commercial Real Estate

If you’re located in an area that Cicadas breed; you’re in for a real treat. These disgusting little creatures come out every so often (depending on your area).

I’ve had the pleasure of living through not one, but two Cicada invasions.  The first of which was in Maryland.   It was so difficult to keep their exoskeletons off my property.  I remember having to get a broom and dustpan out every day to sweep them away.

You may be aware of the pains they cause to you as a home owner, but did you know that they can affect business; especially commercial real estate.

When they come out, there isn’t one or two; but thousands, even millions.  

Property Managers have the privilege of dealing with them.  Cicadas molt their skin and those shells blow all over properties and parked cars in the lot.  They get all over the sidewalk…ah, the sound of crunching Cicada below your feet…there is nothing like it.  All that ‘bug juice’ now is on the bottom of your shoes, getting all over the carpet in the lobby and common areas when you enter the building.  Who do you think has to clean that mess?

Landscaping: these pests can damage shrubs and trees making your building less attractive.  These damaged plants have to be replaced, costing thousands of dollars.

Building Exterior:  If you don’t already know, Cicadas are big, usually about the size of the top part of your finger.  When they get splatted, it leaves a huge mess.  If enough splat against the windows or building exterior, you may have to have your building power washed to rid it of the gunk.   Again, this could cost some money, depending on the size of your building.

Productivity: If you’ve ever heard the ‘buzzing’ of a million cicadas at one time (especially if they are close); you will know what I’m talking about.  That buzzing sound is a nuisance, making it difficult to focus…thus, causing workplace productivity to go down.

These are only a few ways Cicada’s can affect Commercial Real Estate.  So if you are currently trying to sell or lease a property, make sure you are on “Cicada Patrol” to keep your building clean.

By John Boyer, Director of Marketing, Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates