8 Coldwell Banker Affiliates Embracing the Blogosphere

Looking to diversify your commercial real estate news sources? We know quite a few that you should add to your daily menu.

If you love the CBC Worldwide blog, you need to check out what our affiliates are up to: 

CBC Atlantic 

CBC Atlantic’s blog is filled with the latest updates on all the industry’s hottest trends. Blogs are uploaded monthly, making it a great one-stop news source for commercial real estate professionals. Hitting topics like tech, retail, offices, and more; it’s a great resource for keeping up with the CRE biz. 

CBC Benchmark 

The Benchmark blog is filled with well rounded commercial real estate content. Readers get to see what’s happening in the news, expert opinions on trending topics, and also tips on how to navigate the business. This blog has something for everyone, so make sure you check it out. 

CBC Capital Advisors 

The Capital Advisors team knows how to curate a good blog. Their posts are always elegantly written and touch on relevant topics that are on the whole industry’s mind. It’s also a great source for updates on their local market, making them a strong asset for their community. Can’t wait to see more from them! 

CBC Elite 

CBC Elite’s news source is where you’ll find out what’s happening in Virginia’s local commercial market. Big deals are highlighted and relevant topics are discussed, making it a wonderful site to explore. Anything happening in the CBC Elite neighborhood gets a story on their blog, so keep an eye out for all of their interesting updates!

CBC Island Corporate Services 

CBC fans and affiliates need to check in on the Long Island Corporate Services blog. Their news line keeps readers abreast of all their sector’s recent wins. With a volume of about 2 posts per month, you’ll easily get to see what business has been like for the ICS team. 

CBC Orion

No one embraces the blogosphere like CBC Orion. Interesting topics are placed on the board for discussion where nothing is left uncovered. Whether it’s a trend, new technology, CRE sector development, or CBC news; you’ll find it highlighted on their blog.

Commercial real estate professionals can greatly benefit from checking in every once in a while since industry tips and expert advice are always popular content for the Orion team.  

CBC Pacific Partners

The Pacific Partners blog is a great way for prospective clients to get introduced to the team. Find out who they are, what they do, and why they’re outshining the competition on their easy to read blog. The posts get straight to the point and offer great advice to CRE novices. We’re eager to see more of their upcoming content! 

CBC SoCal 

CBC SoCal’s volume of blog posts is unmatched. With new posts added weekly, it makes a great resource for readers to visit when they want to know what’s happening. The blog is loaded with everything from deal highlights to market trends, including everything in between. Make sure you add this blog to your browsers’ ‘favorites’ tab to keep up with their flow.


We love seeing what the CBC Family is up to! As always, be sure to check out the CBC Worldwide blog