6 Best Practices for CRE Brokerages on Twitter (with Real Life Examples)

If someone searched your firm’s name on Twitter, how far down the results page would a user have to scroll before they got to you? If you are not among the top 5, you could be doing something wrong or at least, something better. Tighten up your Twitter game in 2018 by following these 6 best practices for CRE brokerages.

#1. Make sure your Twitter bio is actually filled out

Incomplete profiles have very poor search rankings. Worse, if someone happens to find your Twitter page, they’ll learn nothing about you, rendering it useless. Fill out your bio completely on Twitter so that users can see everything they need to know about you when they land on your page. Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT in Chicago is doing it right:


#2. Make sure your Twitter header is on-brand

 How do you both stand out and stick with visitors to your Twitter page? You keep your message on-brand. Your header photo is a great way to show exactly what your brand is all about at first glance. Take a look at how Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors Retail in Utah is doing it:


#3. Make sure you’re using hashtags correctly

The best way to boost your ranking on Twitter is to add a hashtag to your posts – except, you have to make sure you’re doing it right. You want to point back to things like your brand, your firm, your content, your field, but not too many hashtags at once. Check out how Coldwell Banker Commercial Capital Advisors pulls this off:


#4. Make sure you have a good mix of content (not all about you!)

When visitors browse around your Twitter page, what kind of content will they see? Will it be the same thing over and over again or will you mix it up? Make sure it’s not just about the deals you’re closing or the awards you are getting. Mix in quality content from other industry experts and even current events. See how Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic posts about a local news story along with business content:


#5. Make sure you’re showing the personality of your company

If your page looks stuffy, you’ll come off looking stuffy. You want to show off as much of your company’s positive personality as possible. High quality photos are a good way to highlight staff awards or to spotlight recent projects. What does this picture on Coldwell Banker Commercial Pascack Valley’s Twitter page say about the company’s personality?


#6. Make sure you’re promoting your local market

In real estate, everything is local. Coldwell Banker Commercial affiliated professionals are looked upon as experts in national and global CRE but the most important areas we serve are local. The best use of Twitter space for CRE brokerages is sharing content about the communities and local businesses that they serve. Here’s how Coldwell Banker Commercial Devonshire shows off what’s going on in their area: