5 Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents Using Social Media

While the real estate industry wasn’t the first to jump on the technology bandwagon – and this extends to social media – real estate professionals have come to realize the value of these resources. However, one wonders how best to use social media to maximize its effect. Well, wonder no more.

We’ve pulled together a few tips for tailoring your social-media plan to the real estate industry – read on to get the most out of the latest technology.

1. Get your story straight.

You’ve got to have a game plan before you jump into the social-media fray. Think of it this way: would an architect tell a construction crew to build a house without plans? Of course not. Think about what type of message you’re trying to send and then carefully choose the best channels for it. Remember that merely having an account on every type of social media isn’t just unhelpful – it can be actively harmful. You want to curate here.

At Coldwell Banker Commercial, we’ve carefully selected a suite of social-media channels including Twitter and Facebook through which we can talk to our audience.

2. Be picky.

Following from the above, you’re not going to want to open an account on every single social media channel out there. Instead, you’re going to decide which interest you the most and which are best for accurately conveying your message in an interesting and sticky manner.

At Coldwell Banker Commercial, we’ve chosen four social-media channels: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a company blog. This gives us a focused, powerful method of marketing and communication.

3. Exercise your ability to maximize.

Now that you’ve chosen your channels, it’s time to drill down and figure out how best to use them. Remember that each site has a different culture to it, meaning that you’re going to have to tailor your content for each in order for it to get received in a positive manner. If you’re using Pinterest, go for the visuals; if you like Twitter, remember that it’s good for short, punchy missives.

Here at Coldwell Banker Commercial, we’ve committed to posting regularly with curated content that is well tailored to each channel.

4. Keep up the good work.

Following from the idea of posting regularly, we want to emphasize the crucial nature of sticking with posting consistently, whether on a set schedule or not. Many people like the set schedules as a set-it-and-forget-it tactic; others would rather post when the mood strikes. Whatever you choose in this realm is less important than committing to filling your channel regularly.

We at Coldwell Banker Commercial follow the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of our content addresses topics of interest while 20 percent is more canted toward our sales.

5. Keep an eye on your results.

Marketing is nothing without measurement. That’s why it’s crucial to identify key metrics that help establish whether you’re killing your social media (a positive) or it’s killing you (definitely not a positive).

Here at Coldwell Banker Commercial, we use several channels that have built-in metrics to give us an additional dimension with which to measure our success. From here we can tinker and change as we like to achieve our desired results.


Written by Miranda Scarpone for Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates