3 Things Every CEO Wants From Their Office Space

When it comes to selecting office space, everyone has his or her opinions, but the one that really matters comes from the boss. The CEO has the overall needs of the organization in mind, and balances needs and costs for optimum value. They are uniquely positioned to consider these based on solid information rather than personal preference or hunches.

An appropriate office space is very important to management. Yishan Wong, the CEO of Reddit resigned in November because of a disagreement about office space. Finding the right environment makes a tremendous difference to overall morale, productivity, and attracting the best talent.

Regardless of the business they’re in, CEOs agree on the importance of 3 factors when choosing office space:

  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Productivity
  • Employee Retention

Getting the most for their money makes CEOs happy. A space that is cost-effective creates value through design features, location, and overall environment. Up-to-date systems and fixtures, transportation options and neighborhood amenities all factor into cost and return.

A big part of cost-effectiveness is energy efficiency. This has an impact on the comfort level of the space for the people there as well as the bottom line. One of the things that millennials look for in a workplace is green design, and with good reason. Recognizing the value of environmentally friendly building design makes sense from a cost standpoint, and also has a positive effect on the other two factors, productivity and employee retention.

Productivity can be greatly enhanced by the right office space. CEOs look for spaces that are efficiently designed, without a lot of wasted square footage. With the importance of collaborative work, they are looking for open offices that allow for interaction and provide a more flexible environment than traditional offices.  Workspace now is allocated to tasks rather than people. Excellent lighting is a must for maximum productivity, and a location near where employees live makes it easier for everyone to be where they need to be and focus on the job at hand.

The atmosphere that CEOs want is one that reflects the company’s image and culture. This is essential for attracting and keeping the best talent. Creating an office space that makes employees happy to come to work is key for employee retention and satisfaction.

The space should have room for growth and generous amenities. Employees in many fields have come to expect an office space that includes features like comfortable lounges, coffee bars, outdoor space and other perks. Providing these is a smart strategy for CEOs looking to attract and retain the best employees.  Although amenities can be very specific – a gaming room might make the most sense in a tech firm, for example- it’s possible to design office space that provides the framework for a variety of employee-friendly features and appeals to CEOs in a variety of fields.

Keeping these overarching ideas in mind can help CRE professionals to better assist clients looking to develop appealing spaces and avoid vacancies. Whatever trends may come along in office spaces, these concerns will always be uppermost in the minds of CEOs looking for the right office space.