3 Affiliate Partners You Want On Your CRE Side

Commercial real estate involves buyers, sellers, tenants and agents, but have you thought about what other partners you may want involved in your commercial real estate transaction? Successful commercial real estate involves a strong Rolodex of vendor contacts who can give your clients exceptional service. Consider some of the other players that you may want on your side.


Developing and creating office space for any business should involve an architect. They can offer you a plan detailing how big of a space you need, how to lay out that space and how to construct a space that will work best for your business. Architects specialize in structural design and can bring your vision to life. They’ll work with you to determine exactly what your vision is, create a plan and help you figure out your budget to make it happen.

They will communicate with you constantly and make sure that what you want is what you’re getting. Architects will manage all of the building details for you so that your time can be spent focusing on your business.

Architects can:

  • Enhance your vision
  • Offer new ideas
  • Adhere to your budget and business needs
  • Boost the resale value of your property
  • Produce better designs

Real Estate Attorney

With commercial real estate, there is a lot of paperwork involved. Much of which is filled with legal jargon that a lawyer can explain clearly and concisely so that you know exactly what you are signing.  Lawyers can negotiate on your behalf and make sure that your contract adheres to state laws and addresses issues that might affect the future of the property.

The real estate business comes with many complexities – having a lawyer on your team through the process will ensure that your real estate transaction abides by the rules of your state/municipality.

Without a lawyer:

  • If building permits are not filed correctly, buildings may have to be re-built, or owners could end up paying hefty fines.
  • If a deed is not transferred properly, it could cause income and/or state taxes to be levied on the buyer and/or seller.
  • If the business is not correctly registered at the state level and it is a commercial transaction, your company may not receive its taxpayer identification number.

Construction Manager

It’s smart to have an architect plan and execute the layout and style of your building, and it’s just as wise to hire a construction manager to take over the construction of your building. They make sure that the work is done correctly and that it is done on time. Having a construction manager takes a lot of weight off of you and places it in the hands of someone who is a professional, saving you time, money and stress.

Construction managers can help:

  • Troubleshoot job-site problems concerning plans
  • Review change order requests
  • Review bills
  • Order materials and inspect deliveries
  • Find, hire and schedule subcontractors and monitor their work
  • Help estimate costs
  • Negotiate discounts on material

Who are some of the other vendors and affiliate partners that you have in your commercial real estate Rolodex? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook today - and keep that Rolodex growing!