Christina Poodt

Christina Poodt


Energized and ready to serve, consult, analyze and listen to clients and colleagues and folks who are in need of Real Estate services with regard to selling, buying, leasing, managing or exploring all possibilities in Commercial and Business RE is Christina’s mission and passion. She has been on all sides of these equations, having owned and operated a retail establishment for fifteen successful years, she understands what it takes to operate and grow a business. In addition, she is also an Investor, buying and renovating and managing income producing properties, with all their challenges, which has taught her the does and don'ts of this field of real estate. This has helped her to build portfolios of properties (Multi Family, single or commercial opportunities such as storage units, duplexes/Quads or such like properties) for her investor clients, while also helping her to advise them on the tools and the wherewithall to manage, profit from, and enjoy this area of real estate


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