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Commercial Real Estate For Sale Los Angeles

Finding commercial real estate for sale in Los Angeles can be something of a tricky business. L.A. is a sprawling city, which means there are big gaps between areas of urban life. That, in turn, means picking the right commercial space for rent in Los Angeles or choosing the right sale property is crucial.

If you’re looking for a retail space that requires foot traffic, a wrong choice in L.A. can be the end of your business. But even finding warehouse space for rent in Los Angeles, or office space for that matter, requires a knowledgeable, practiced expert. The Coldwell Banker Commercial organization has commercial real estate for sale in Los Angeles and the Los Angeles area, from the popular shopping community Culver City to well-trafficked spots like Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood.

We have the industrial real estate, office space for rent and all types of other commercial real estate available in Los Angeles and the surrounding area for your business needs.

About Commercial Real Estate in Los Angeles

As a city of 4 million people and one in which most urban areas are spread out rather than in one central location, Los Angeles makes it critical to work with a broker who knows the area extremely well if you’re seeking commercial real estate. An area that’s great when you’re looking for land for sale in Los Angeles may be terrible if you’re seeking office spaces for rent.

Los Angeles residents spend a lot of time sitting in traffic to get anywhere, and you want to make sure the type of people you need to frequent your retail establishment or live in your apartment building are likely to end up in the location you choose.

The temperature in Los Angeles is often quite appealing, which tends to draw people to look for a business for sale in Los Angeles. But the sprawl and limited accessibility can make some of these locations a poor choice for retail establishments. Coldwell Banker Commercial experts can help you navigate this somewhat complex maze.

There are more than 80 districts and neighborhoods in Los Angeles, and if you’re just looking for a local real estate agent, you’re unlikely to find one who’s familiar with all of them. The Coldwell Banker Commercial network, however, has thousands of agents, so we’ll be able to find you one who knows the exact neighborhoods that are right for your business and can walk you through the benefits of each.

Does your real estate agent know the subtle differences between downtown, Venice, Century City, Hollywood and Westwood? Do they know where you can find the best value in each of these neighborhoods and whether it makes sense for you to pursue an opportunity there? Our agents do, and they can break down all your choices along with the benefits of each so that you can choose your Los Angeles retail, office or industrial space with confidence.


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Los Angeles Real Estate Benefits

Los Angeles is a popular site for commercial real estate as it’s the location of a booming entertainment economy. As the established home of the film industry, actors, directors, producers and writers flock to the city to pursue film and television careers, creating opportunities for many other commercial enterprises such as restaurants, catering, housing and retail stores.

Los Angeles also has a booming tourist industry and a wide array of popular sports teams, making it even more appealing as a location for commercial real estate.

If you find the right location for your business in Los Angeles, it can be a gold mine. A lot of people inhabit the city, and many of them are willing to spend large sums of money. It’s well known that Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, and residents budget accordingly. This reality is one that you can take advantage of, but only if you find the right location and make the right deal for your commercial real estate in Los Angeles.

What Sets the Coldwell Banker Commercial OrganizationApart?

We take finding commercial space for sale in Los Angeles very seriously. That’s why we make sure our network of nearly 3,000 highly trained, motivated and effective real estate agents include local agents with an unparalleled familiarity with the Los Angeles area.

We choose our nearly 150 independently owned and operated companies in large part based on their commitment to the businesses they serve and their knowledge of the service areas in which they work. We understand that your business success may hinge on the type of commercial real estate in Los Angeles you acquire, and that’s why our experts will guide you through every aspect of the commercial real estate acquisition process to make sure you’re fully satisfied.

We have proudly been in business for over 100 years. That’s because of our entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to bringing the highest quality service in real estate to our customers. Whether you’re looking to set up an industrial plant in Venice, find a home for your office on Wilshire Boulevard or invest in a multi-family apartment in Long Beach, the Coldwell Banker Commercial organization is here to help — with expanded listings and agents who can find you the right location at the best value for you and your business every time.

Use a Coldwell Banker Commercial agent to find a commercial space for rent in Los Angeles now, then as your business grows, let us help you find commercial real estate for sale. Whatever your needs are, we are committed to helping you meet your commercial real estate goals this time and every time. We look forward to serving you.

Los Angeles Commercial Real Estate Market Information

To be successful with your commercial real estate investments, you need to know the facts about the market you are entering. Fortunately, we have done all the work for you, collecting all the statistics and data you need to have a clear picture of the Los Angeles market.

When it comes to buying, renting or leasing commercial real estate, knowledge is power. That’s why we’re so proud of the extensive nature of our Coldwell Banker Commercial database. We’ve amassed a huge amount of data to serve our customers’ needs, and we regularly find that the combination of hard data and local know-how is the perfect formula for a great commercial real estate deal for our Los Angeles clients.

We can give you the basics or drill down to the nitty gritty depending on your needs. To get the key information you need for your Los Angeles commercial real estate decisions, contact a local Los Angeles commercial professional today!