Commercial Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition

Coldwell Banker Commercial agents are experienced with all aspects of commercial real estate — including both acquisition and disposition. Ours is a full-service network, meaning whether you’re looking to buy or rent a piece of commercial real estate, or you need to sell a property, we can connect you with an experienced agent in your local market who has made countless deals of a similar nature.

Your local Coldwell Banker Commercial agent is the only one you need for all of your commercial real estate goals.

Commercial Real Estate Acquisition

During the purchase of a commercial real estate property, you’ll likely have many factors you need to consider. If this is an investment property, what are its long-term appreciation prospects? If it’s a retail property, is it in the right location? If it is an industrial property, does it have the capacity for your intended purposes?

On top of all this, you need to know if you’re making the right deal for the property, financially speaking. Without knowing the market, it’s hard to know if you’re getting your property at the best possible price. Making a mistake could be costly for your business.

The Coldwell Banker Commercial organization has agencies all over the United States and all over the world. That means we can find an agent in your local market. They will have lived and worked in the area for years and can tell you the exact state of the current market to help you secure the right deal and have confidence in it.

Commercial Real Estate Disposition

It is important to take equal care when selling or purchasing a property. You want the best possible appraisal of your property value and you want to find the most motivated buyers so you can make the most profit. Coldwell Banker Commercial agents are always looking to make the best deals for our clients and have the database and the market knowledge to put together deals that are profitable for both buyer and seller.

The Coldwell Banker Commercial Advantage

Whether buying or selling, the Coldwell Banker Commercial process puts you at an advantage. You not only have access to some of the best commercial real estate agents in the business, with the experience and knowledge to make the best deal, but also access to the market statistics and data we continuously collect to help you make decisions with confidence.

With over 3,000 professionals in our network, there is a Coldwell Banker Commercial agent ready to help you with your commercial real estate needs right now. We look forward to working with you. Contact us today to find out more.

Thank you for requesting a property evaluation. A Coldwell Banker Commercial professional will be in touch with you soon.