Top 10 Wishes for Commercial Real Estate for 2014

  1. The day you get back from the holidays, you have an email from an old college roommate that says his company is expanding and he needs 100,000 SF of space; he wants your help
  2. New life is sprung into ‘the dream’ transaction that just couldn’t get closed last year as a new investor shows interest, and has the cash to back it up
  3. Your boss calls everyone in, explains the good year the company had and that all commission splits are changing 10% in your favor
  4. Broker B felt bad for hedging you out of a deal last year; his conscious kicks in and he gives you a check for the referral fee you deserve
  5. Your main competitor’s wife gets a promotion in another state, and he moves with her; leaving you as the #1 agent in your area
  6. A client calls and says he wants to renew his lease 2 years early; and extend it for another 10 years
  7. While throwing a few back over the holidays, you obtain secret knowledge that a local restaurant wants to open two additional locations and doesn’t know where to start
  8. An older agent at your firm retires and hands you his ‘book of business.’
  9. A new web platform is developed that only costs $50/month and takes the place of CoStar and LoopNet; and has everything else you need to be successful
  10. Your corporate office lands a multi-market national account, and 4 of the locations are in your market.  You’ve been asked to handle the transactions.

By John Boyer, Director of Marketing Coldwell Banker Commercial