How To Build Your Company Culture via Real Estate

Does your real estate space exhibit your company’s culture? With so many millennials entering the workforce, establishing your company culture within your office space has become increasingly important to attracting the right talent. Your office is likely a second home to your employees – make it appealing.

#1: Location, location, location

Is your office location convenient for your employees? Location is one of the top selling points to potential hires. A prime location for your office space should be somewhere that employees can walk to lunch, spend time outside and not have to spend long mornings sitting in traffic. Another key thing to consider is nearby transportation – your employees may take the train, bus or bike to work.

#2: Building Appeal

Is the building well maintained and safe? When you invite people to your office, you want them to be impressed by the care and look of the building both outside and inside. You want people to feel safe leaving their car in the parking lot and entering your building. If the building has a doorman, security guards and a customer service center available to help people locate your office, these can be huge pluses.

#3: Spacious Workspace

A cramped office is a recipe for disaster. An open concept office space will allow employees to collaborate, work together and feed off each other’s creativity and knowledge, making your company more connected. If you are planning on growing your company and adding new members, make sure that you have room to expand.

#4: Personal Touch

Adding personal touches to your office such as your logo, awards, certificates, etc. can help people truly capture your company’s culture. Decorate the office according to your company’s vibe and style so that people know what type of environment they’ll be working in. Many offices are stepping away from the traditional and creating a more relaxed space with brighter colored walls, furniture and decorative pieces to tailor to the younger millennial workers.

#5: True Comfort

How are the acoustics in your office? Echoes can make it difficult for people to work because it increases the noise within the office and workers can potentially hear conversations from across the office because of it. The layout of your office should be comfortable for everyone – are there enough power outlets, heating units and windows? The larger the floor plan, the more comfortable your employees will feel. When potential new hires come to your office to interview, they will feel better knowing that there’s enough space to accommodate them.

#6: Showcase Your Office

Before interviewees ever step into your office, they will be sure to check your company website. Showcase your office on your website with pictures and maybe even a video of your office space. Potential hires will feel like they already know your office before they ever step inside, giving them a sense of comfort. This will also eliminate people who may not fit your company culture, because they will get a taste of who you are before they interview.

These are just a few of the considerations you should make when trying to match your company culture to your real estate. What are some of the ways that you’ve boosted company culture using real estate? Share your ideas with us on Facebook today.