On October 12th, 2022, Coldwell Banker Commercial hosted its sixth CBC Chatter, a virtual quarterly series hosted by Senior Vice President and Managing Director Daniel Spiegel to discuss hot topics in the world of commercial real estate.

This event focused on the Office of the Future where panelists discussed the current state of offices and how the pandemic has affected traditional office space, the future of office space, and unveiled insights on the new Anywhere office in Madison, NJ.

Daniel Spiegel was joined by the following panelists in the Madison, NJ Anywhere Office:

  • David Craig, Strategy Director at Gensler
  • Tom McGovern, Vice President of Corporate Real Estate & Facilities at Anywhere Real Estate Inc.

Highlights of the discussion include:

  • Current state of offices and how the pandemic has affected traditional office space
    • The population post-pandemic is curious how we will continue working and what an office space will look like.
    • Anywhere Real Estate Inc. gathered insights as to what their employees see as the vision of their new hub and looked for common themes. Together with Gensler, the following pillars became known and informed how the new Anywhere space was concepted:
      • Collaboration
      • Events
      • Presence in the Market
      • Vibe
    • The overall takeaway is employees can work from home, but they collaborate in the office, so creating a space that is functional with added value was key.
  • The Future of Office Space
    • The pandemic shift to hybrid & remote work has showed the population and employers that we can choose how we work.
    • Companies do not want to lose talent due to office requirements, and a change is necessary to adapt to current times.
    • Anywhere decided to make a change and create a new office environment that reflects flexibility in the workplace.
    • Gensler’s preliminary research with Anywhere played a significant role in creating a productive space that is welcoming and exciting for employees. Citing its U.S. Workplace Surveys, Gensler shared insights on what employees are looking for in the workplace, how they approach commuting, and what types of environments are most productive or deal, such as a café-style office vs. a typical cubicle office.
    • Lastly, David Craig of Gensler notes that studio and production spaces are highly requested as CEOs and leadership have had to produce more broadcasts than ever before due to the pandemic.
  • Unveiling of New Anywhere Office
    • The new Anywhere space has added a variety of exciting new amenities and features that make the office a more enjoyable space for their employees.
    • Wellness was top priority while redesigning the space.
      • New features include treadmill desks, a fitness center, and a grab and go café that provides quality healthy lunch alternatives, among other amenities.
    • The Anywhere office has also focused on the increase in technology use in the workplace post-pandemic. This includes new and improved audio-visual equipment in conference rooms, options for wired or wireless access, laptop and desktop seating, and portable chargers that employees can take with them around the office.

To view the full recording of CBC Chatter: Office of the Future, please visit the link HERE.

To view Gensler’s recent workplace research, please visit Gensler’s website HERE.

For interview requests please e-mail cbc@curichweiss.com.

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