A Power Stance is More than Just a Pose

Driving to work on my first week of a new job, I needed something to get me motivated. I just had my coffee and it was letting me down. Tired and nervous, a Mumford and Sons song came on the sound system and it began to flood me with all the angst and fight you would expect from a small pub in Dublin, Ireland. Long story short, I began screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs. Ranting and raving, I noticed the perplexed looks I was receiving from the passing cars. At this point I was screaming so loud that it was no longer pleasurable to listen to but I was too ramped up to care. The song ended, I parked my car in the lot, and walked into work with a swagger I have never experienced before.

This instance reminded me of something I read a while back about having a ”power stance.” The idea goes that before you walk into a big presentation or interview, you take a moment in the bathroom or other quiet area, and hold a strong definitive stance of power for a few short moments. Imagine holding a pose like Superman after he exits his phone booth. This symbol of strength is meant to subconsciously build your core self-esteem and make you feel invincible. “Be that which you want to project,” I believe is the thought process. I did not take much consideration as to the effectiveness of this, until I had my little singing vignette on the way to work. There are things we can do the build and motivate our subconscious that helps us to appear confident and strong. Whether it is a stress relieving shout at your car passenger, or an absurd model pose in the middle of the men’s lavatory, we can all benefit from doing something that helps us get ready to impress. 

Stop stressing the small things - go in there and get the job done. You got this!

By Eduardo Cabrera, Technology Manager, Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates, Inc. 

Editor’s Note: He got the job!