5 Ways Last-Mile Logistics Can Still Improve in 2019

As the holiday season makes a swift exit, many can relish in relaxation. It has become increasingly stressful to holiday shop; especially for last-minute gifts, as e-commerce and online retail has transformed the way we shop during the holidays as well as all year round. The hope that your package will get you to on time, by its expected delivery date is something that Amazon, Walmart, and other e-commerce and online retailers have yet to perfect. These last-mile logistics still have ways to improve to provide customers with the instant gratification of traditional retail shopping.

Let’s take a look at these 5 ways last-mile logistics can still improve in 2019 and beyond.

1. Create More Distribution Centers

Online retailers will have a need for more distribution centers, specifically ones that are located in areas where there is a great need for same day fulfillment. Amazon, a frontrunner in e-commerce innovation has set up fulfillment tents in vacant lots over the holiday seasons. Taking steps to get distribution centers into more urban locations with limited space is a way improvement can be made in last-mile logistics efforts.

2. Utilize Technology

Using Technology to enhance last-mile delivery and fulfillment can be extremely useful to e-commerce companies. Drones can be used to deliver packages even during holidays when most people are off. Robots have been implemented in many warehouses to allow warehouses to operate without human employees. These robots can work harder and longer. In fact, they have been being used in China to combat the fact that people no longer want to work the strenuous warehouse jobs. This allows warehouses to be more automated. With advancements and fine-tuning of this technology, it can continue to improve the way we receive shipments.

3. Laws Need Updating

Did you know there was a law that prohibits companies other than the USPS to deliver directly into mailboxes? This law was enacted in the 1930s and is incredibly outdated. If laws like these reformed, other companies could deliver more efficiently and securely.

4. Upgrades to Security

Speaking of secure deliveries, package thieves are becoming more prevalent in all areas of the U.S, specifically during the holidays. With new innovations to porch and package security options, e-commerce companies could save millions in losses per year. Implementation of delivery lockers for companies other than just Amazon could also provide a solution to thievery.

5. Continued Research

In a more general sense, continued research regarding new, undiscovered ways to increase the productivity of last-mile logistics and improve e-commerce is needed. Companies can hire great minds in fields such as technology, engineering, mechanics and science to come up with new advancements. As we see with companies like Amazon who often are on the cusp of new innovations, other companies soon follow suit. If companies remained competitive, it is possible the best idea may have not even been thought of yet.

As we enter 2019 there is always room for improvement, let’s see what will change by 2020 in regards to last-mile logistics.