We recently covered some tips for utilizing social media as a CRE agent and one of those tips was to have a focused message. While it may be easy to come up with your message, it may be difficult to figure out how to consistently convey that message without repeatedly posting the same thing. One way is through deliberate and thought-out content marketing.

Content marketing is much more than just a social media post, it’s an additional way to expand your reach. Creating your own content may seem daunting but if you are ready to add this to your marketing arsenal than we have a few tips for you on how to do it right.


1. Define Your Audience

With content marketing, you want to provide the consumer with content that is interesting and helpful to them. It is important to understand who you want to reach and create content that will engage them. This will help to accomplish your end goal, which should be to drive more traffic to you and create more potential leads.

At Coldwell Banker Commercial, we utilize our blog to bring industry insights to commercial real estate agents and brokers by providing content that keeps them informed and up to date on the latest in CRE.


2. Consistency is Key

Just like social media, providing consistent content is critical to building a following and keeping people coming back for more. To achieve this, create a certain day and time of the week for just creating content. Throughout the week pull from your experiences or questions that clients ask you as a base for the content you are creating. With consistency, your reach will increase.

We post every Wednesday on the Coldwell Banker Commercial blog and recommend a weekly post to start out.


3. Maximize Your Content

Creating content can take a lot of effort and occasionally a large time commitment, so don’t let it live in one Facebook post. Be sure to maximize the content you have created and recycle it in different ways. Having an initial piece of content can be the foundation and then it can be used to create other types of content like slideshares, videos or even infographics. These different types of content can be utilized on different social media channels where imagery may play better than words.


4. Experiment

When starting out with your content marketing it is important to experiment with different types of content to see what your audience reacts to best. The best way to gauge this is to monitor your results by looking at views, engagement, and if consumers went a step further to look at the rest of your website or social media pages. Once you see what gets the best reaction and response, then you will know which types of content to focus on creating.

On the Coldwell Banker Commercial blog, we monitor results of all content through our different channels. Something that works well for us are listicles like this one that are a quick read but still helpful. Agents are typically on the move so quick reads tend to get more attention.

Have you experimented with content marketing? We’d love to hear your success stories!


Written by Nicole Brzyski for Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates

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