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Commercial Real Estate in Victorville

Job opportunities in Victorville, CA, are growing like gangbusters. The local job growth rate more than doubled the national average, and future job growth is forecast to outpace the national average as well. The town has a robust presence in several different industries, including manufacturing, construction and especially retail, which employs 15 percent of local residents.

Those looking for retail space for rent in Victorville, CA, will face competition, but you can find opportunities in Old Downtown, which has been undergoing a revitalization that involves razing old buildings to make way for modern new ones. You can also explore other parts of the city to find warehouse space that’s ideal for technology-forward plants.

One issue the area has begun to address, which could drive up job growth even further, is the lack of affordable housing within Victorville. Many workers commuted from nearby urban hubs such as Los Angeles and San Diego. But a recent jump in new home construction appears to be easing the issue.




Why Buy Commercial Property for Sale in Victorville?

Victorville is a city on the rise. Located in an area where people prize technology and with a real local commitment to keeping jobs with local residents, Victorville has bright prospects for the future. The rapidly changing local retail market demonstrates how important it is for local businesses to evolve with the times.

When they embrace the advantages of technology and other small adaptations that can make jobs easier, companies will find ways to succeed in Victorville. Plus, local officials have proven eager to work with companies to assist with following statewide regulatory and environmental guidelines, making the transition to the new city much easier.

Advantages of Using the Coldwell Banker Commercial Team to Find Retail or Office Space

In Victorville, CA, no one else knows the area like Coldwell Banker Commercial agents. Our team understands the nuances of the local economy, the growth indicators and the local population because they live here. They have a presence in the community and have built a network of personal contacts during their years working and living in the area. When you need assistance with your commercial real estate needs in Victorville, CA, we offer the right support.

Our organization has nearly 3,000 agents across the country. They all work to develop personal relationships with their clients, who appreciate their time and dedication. Our relationships don’t just end when the sale goes through. We stay in touch, cultivating a network of sources who can give us the inside scoop on commercial real estate prospects and which buildings are available.

Get Commercial Real Estate Market Information in Victorville

Victorville, CA, makes an excellent spot for new businesses across numerous sectors, including manufacturing, retail and technology. Are you interested in learning more about this unique area before you begin looking at properties? Let the Coldwell Banker Commercial team gather market information you can use to decide if you would like to pursue property in the area. We can bring you demographics, economic indicators and more. Reach out to an professional in Victorville, CA, today.