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Commercial Real Estate Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the capital and most populated area of Utah. It is famous for its legendary skiing opportunities and is a great place to start a business. Where should you invest your capital when it comes to commercial real estate in Salt Lake City? Should you be seeking out commercial space on the affluent east side? The culturally diverse west side? Somewhere else on the Salt Lake City grid? Our Coldwell Banker Commercial agents can help you Find the perfect Salt Lake City commercial property.

The Coldwell Banker Commercial organization stands ready to help you and your business of any size. Whether you’re an individual proprietor looking for affordable shop space for rent in Salt Lake City or a larger company seeking warehouse space for rent in Salt Lake City, our Coldwell Banker Commercial agents will give you the level of care and attention you deserve to help you make the best deal possible.

About Commercial Real Estate in Salt Lake City

If you’re going to rent, lease or look for commercial property for sale in Utah, Salt Lake City real estate is a great place to start. Salt Lake City is the most populous municipality in all of Utah, which means if you want a location in the state with customers and/or easy access to urban amenities, it’s the place to go.

Salt Lake City features a unique community unlike any other in the United States, which is why it may be more important here than anywhere else that your real estate agent is a local agent who understands this community. The only place you can be really confident that you’ll get an agent who also has the resources of a global real estate network is through the Coldwell Banker Commercial system.

With thousands of agents, we’re sure to provide someone who knows commercial real estate in Utah in general and knows commercial real estate in Salt Lake City specifically. They’ll also have local familiarity with the exact area where you’re considering locating your business or developing real estate.

Salt Lake City has dozens of neighborhoods, including Rose Park, Sugar House, Downtown, the Avenues and 9th and 9th. Do you know what any of these neighborhoods represent? Does your agent?

For you to succeed with commercial real estate in Salt Lake City, you must have familiarity with these neighborhoods, as they vary widely with respect to culture, race and economic status. You should not trust your commercial real estate dealings in Utah to anyone other than a local Coldwell Banker Commercial agent who you can rely on to understand the key distinctions among these communities and how they fit in with your business goals and needs.


  • Salt Lake City Office Spaces:When you need to expand your business or find your first commercial office space in Salt Lake City, you need commercial real estate property that meets all of your business’s requirements. Our Coldwell Banker Commercial real estate agents will help you find office space that meets your needs for space, features, location and more. Let us make your commercial real estate search in Salt Lake City a breeze with our expertise! 
  • Salt Lake City Retail Spaces: In large cities like Salt Lake City, UT, retail space tends to fill up fast. Snag the perfect commercial property for sale in Utah’s biggest city with the help of our licensed agents. We’ll connect you with the commercial property that’s ideal for your requirements. More importantly, our highly qualified Salt Lake City commercial real estate professionals know the city and its demographics extremely well. You can be confident that we’ll connect you with a space where you will be visible to your customer base.
  • Salt Lake City Industrial Spaces: We’ve been helping clients find the right commercial real estate for their specific industrial needs for years. If you’re looking for property for your manufacturing, supply chain or distribution needs, our Coldwell Banker Commercial real estate professionals will set you on track to find the best industrial spaces in Salt Lake City for your business needs and budget.
  • Salt Lake City Land: Looking for a plot of land for your commercial construction in the Salt Lake City area? Our real estate agents can help. Buying the right land in the right location and neighborhood is crucial for the success of your current or future business, which is why we offer expert guidance tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a small plot in the city or a lakefront recreation area, we have the experience and familiarity with Salt Lake City to find you the perfect land fast.
  • Salt Lake City Special Purpose Properties: We also provide services for Salt Lake City clients looking for special purpose properties. Due to their unique functions, special purpose properties can be hard to come by in certain areas. However, experienced commercial real estate agents can guide you to special purpose properties that meet all of your business’s requirements in a location that will make your business visible and easily accessible to customers.


If you’re looking for commercial real estate agents in the Salt Lake City area, look no further. Our experienced Coldwell Banker Commercial agents know the area inside and out and can guide you to the properties that are best suited to your business needs. Browse our list of agents below and find someone to help with your commercial property search in Utah!


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Benefits to Commercial Real Estate Utah

Salt Lake City lures many tourists into its borders every year, which creates great commercial opportunities. Buying retail space or even finding office space for rent in Salt Lake City can pay huge dividends, especially if you can find the right spot. The Coldwell Banker Commercial organization can help you find the right spot.

Why is finding the right spot so potentially lucrative in Salt Lake City? As “The Crossroads of the West,” Salt Lake City has always been important economically and now has a diverse economy that’s primarily service-oriented but also focuses on transportation, trade, government and business services. Several hundred thousand people move through Salt Lake City every day, and if your business is in the proper location to catch the portion of those people that can use your goods or services, you’ll see your business truly thrive.

Salt Lake City is a much more culturally diverse city than many people realize. They host a Pride Festival, an Urban Arts Festival, Comic Cons and even a Goth festival. Whatever your business’ niche is, the right Coldwell Banker Commercial agent can find the perfect place for you in this region.

The potential for Salt Lake City’s economy to explode is always lurking just beneath the surface. The arrival of the 2002 Winter Olympics generated a massive boost in tourism. The city is also a popular convention site, with a huge convention center called the Salt Palace, and downtown is continually modernizing and developing commercial real estate. With Coldwell Banker Commercial agents on your team, you could become a part of the next big Salt Lake City real estate boom.

What Sets the Coldwell Banker Commercial Organization APART

When you work with the Coldwell Banker Commercial organization in Salt Lake City, you get the experience of a company that is more than 100 years old and does more than 14,000 transactions a day. You also get the knowledge of the local Salt Lake City Coldwell Banker Commercial agents who know the city, markets and how to get you the best deals possible. Your growth is our priority, which is why you need the Coldwell Banker Commercial organization for your next commercial real estate project in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City Commercial Real Estate Market Information

To make the best decisions, you need the best information. The Coldwell Banker Commercial organization has all the data about market trends and real estate opportunities you need for a successful transaction. If you’re ready to put our knowledge and experience to work for you, contact a local Salt Lake City commercial agent today!