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Commercial Real Estate in Salem

The city of Salem is Oregon’s state capital and has been steadily growing since it was founded in the 1840s. With a robust economy that centers around agriculture and food processing, the city is a prime place to relocate your company or start a new business. With an emphasis in one industry, the city may be the perfect area for you to introduce and build up another industry.

You can find commercial real estate for a wide variety of uses and needs in Salem, OR, as there are many office spaces for lease and for sale. You could set up your corporate headquarters here or open another branch of your business. These office areas can accommodate however many employees you plan to house at the location. Along with the diverse choices for office buildings, Salem has many commercial spaces available for sale and for rent that you could turn into retail stores, restaurants and many other types of businesses.

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Benefits of Commercial Real Estate in Salem

Salem’s position as Oregon’s capital makes it a hub for both commercial and government entities. With a population of about 167,000 — taken in 2016 — it is not a huge, bustling city, either. With these factors, residents and businesses get the best of both worlds. There’s a wide variety of things to do and many job opportunities, but the cost of living isn’t as high as in other larger cities.

With its focus on one primary industry, Salem is the perfect place to introduce a new sector or to further develop one that isn’t as prevalent in the city. Bringing new types of jobs into the city can help further boost its economy. You may also not experience the high levels of competition that businesses in larger cities combat. For example, if you are a technology company, you will face much harsher competition in New York City or Silicon Valley — there are not as many of those businesses in Salem.

With the city’s economic and population growth, there is also a growing need for retail and housing development. If you are a residential construction company, Salem is the perfect place to open a new branch. With more people living in the city, there’s a higher demand for great restaurants, shopping and entertainment. Your business could fulfill that need and become very successful.

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When you work with a Coldwell Banker Commercial agent, you’re working with a company that has more than 100 years of real estate experience in the United States and around the world. Our agents in Salem are experts on the real estate market in the city and its and surrounding area. We will work with you every step of the way until we helped you find the perfect commercial property for your business or organization.

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