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Commercial Real Estate in Mankato

Mankato has grown a great deal over recent years and it has become a thriving regional economic center with businesses that serve a roughly 60-mile area located around the city. Manufacturing, health care, retail and technology make up the fastest-growing sectors in town. The community has become popular because of its lower property taxes and higher appreciation for life’s little enjoyments, thanks to the laid-back Midwest attitudes.

The local economic development authority over recent years has become engaged in active recruitment of new businesses. Mankato aims to create a more diverse group of industries doing business around town. That means attracting more tech-focused companies as well as others that can support its mandate of improving local quality of life and encouraging involvement in the arts, recreation and higher education.

Mankato marketing materials often claim the town offers all the great things people love about the urban experience, such as a variety of opportunities and amenities, without any of the things they don’t, like traffic jams and high crime rates. Mankato clearly is a city on the rise.




Why Do Business in Mankato?

The benefits of doing business in this Minnesota town vary, and they include:


  • The Mankato economic development authority offers a financial incentives application, which you may qualify for.
  • Mankato has made economic growth a priority and reaches out to new potential employers to provide assistance.
  • The exceptional livability of this area, with outdoor activities just outside your door and friendly faces along every street.


No matter what industry you occupy, you can find employees and assistance in Mankato. Ongoing redevelopment projects downtown have also focused on making the area more modern, and when you find your ideal property, you will enjoy discovering just how welcoming the town can be.

Coldwell Banker Commercial Can Show You Commercial Property for Rent in Mankato

Our team knows the Mankato area better than anyone. We live and work in this booming Midwest city and we can help guide you whether you need a warehouse or retail space for lease in Mankato. Our representatives live in the area as well as work here. They understand the town and the unique personalities who reside here. We can suggest locations you may not have considered and get you deals you wouldn’t dare to imagine if you didn’t have our agents on your side.

You want to find the most desirable location for your expanding or new business. Let our knowledgeable agents, who have the strength of the Coldwell Banker Commercial name behind them, offer you their valuable assistance. We know you will appreciate what their insight can do for you.

Find More Information About Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Mankato, MN

Before you begin exploring the commercial real estate available in the city, find out more about this location by consulting our Mankato market data and statistics. Then, give us a call to ask any questions you may have that are not covered by this material. Get in touch with a Mankato, MN, professional today.