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Commercial Real Estate in Greenville

With a robust job growth rate and a booming manufacturing industry, Greenville, S.C., is an artsy city that seems to constantly be growing in popularity. Thanks to its unique proximity to both the coast and the mountains, Greenville has seen steady growth in terms of population, residential construction and commercial property for lease and sale in the town.

You can find retail and warehouse space for rent, though increasingly more companies are choosing to relocate to the South Carolina city. Why? Because Greenville has become an attractive location for young professionals. With its growing job market and short commute times, your business is sure to thrive in Greenville.

Coldwell Banker Commercial agents can help you find commercial real estate that will appeal to young workers and those who prefer shorter commutes.




Benefits of Greenville Commercial Real Estate

Companies are targeting Greenville for expansion because they know the rents are lower compared to other cities in South Carolina — Greenville is just the sixth-largest city in the state. The area has a big retail and healthcare presence, too. Those require a lot of employees, and businesses know they can target those employees by putting offices near where they work.

Plus, Greenville has a reputation as a safe, close-knit city. The downtown is clean and walkable, which attracts a lot of people and makes commercial property prices competitive. The Greenville tax rate is also one of the lowest in the state, making it extremely attractive to many businesses.

Why Choose to Work With the Coldwell Banker Commercial Organization?

In a bustling market such as Greenville, you need an agent who understands the local real estate market and the trends that make this market so hot. An agent familiar with the area can steer you to the newest commercial properties on the market. They can also find locations others without a market presence may be unaware of and keep you away from undesirable locations.

The Coldwell Banker Commercial agents are committed to helping you find the right space for your company in the Greenville region. We’ve handled sales and rentals here, and so we are comfortable with the local real estate market and the people who influence it.

You can reap gains from our impressive expertise. With nearly 150 offices worldwide, we have made it our focus to help clients wherever they are with their real estate issues. For retailers, manufacturers, healthcare entrepreneurs and more, we have the resources you need to find the best space.

Greenville Commercial Real Estate Market Information

Do you have a business in Greenville? Are you moving some of your operations into town? Enlist an agent who can help you find the best possible deal. When you want to know data or market trends surrounding Greenville, you can find out from us. Contact a local Greenville commercial professional!