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Commercial Real Estate in Dalton

When you enter the town of Dalton, you see a sign proclaiming it the carpet capital of the world. The hub of manufacturing in northern Georgia, close to the border with South Carolina, has dozens of carpet plants that employ thousands of people in Whitfield County. The recession hit those plants hard and Dalton lost thousands of jobs. But the city has started to rebound, with better economic prospects ahead.

Since peaking with an unemployment rate of 13 percent, Dalton has gradually seen jobs return to the area. While plenty of residents continue to work in manufacturing, the town has also seen an influx of technology-related positions. There is a great demand for skilled workers, and manufacturers have partnered with local schools to help train graduates for the jobs they need to fill.

You can find robotics and automation at many of the revamped plants in the area as Dalton forges into the future. The town makes an ideal location for businesses looking for warehouse or retail space for lease, with lots of open properties and more than enough inventory.




The Benefits of Finding Businesses and Warehouses for Sale in Dalton

Dalton has rebounded after some tough years, and businesses that come into the city now gain from the new focus on automated work and an eager supply of young talent. The Dalton job market has jumped by 1.5 percent, and nearly 40 percent work in manufacturing — something you won’t see in many cities.

For businesses looking to locate plants in Dalton, you couldn’t find a better place to enter the market. The city has aggressively courted firms to the area by also highlighting the great local entertainment and outdoor options, which include a reservoir with a recreation area in development.

Why Use Coldwell Banker Commercial for Commercial Real Estate in Dalton?

The Coldwell Banker Commercial organization consists of almost 3,000 professionals across the country. Each one displays expertise and knowledge about their home city that can assist you in your quest to find the right space for your business. We live in these communities and understand the nuanced commercial real estate market in each one.

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Market Information for Dalton

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