Burlingame Commercial Real Estate


Commercial Real Estate Burlingame

If you’re in the market for some prime real estate close to one of the most exciting business hubs in the U.S., then leasing or purchasing Burlingame commercial property might be a strategic business move.

Why Burlingame Is a Prime Location for Commercial Real Estate

Located south of San Francisco on the San Francisco Peninsula, Burlingame is a small town of approximately 29,000 inhabitants in San Mateo County, California. Despite its size, Burlingame is relatively affluent, with an average home value of just over $2 million.

Burlingame is known as a town with a high quality of life and a downtown area that’s easily navigable by foot and several beautiful parks. It’s also interesting to note Burlingame is nicknamed “The City of Trees” thanks to its many eucalyptus trees — a holdover from the days when the land was owned by William Davis Merry Howard, who planted many of them on his ranch.

The town is highly accessible for residential, business and commercial transport. It’s bordered to the north by San Francisco International Airport and has stops for Caltrain, BART and several bus services. Also, four highways run through the city: Highway 101, Highway 82, Highway 35 and Interstate 280.

Thanks to its convenient location and high residential quality of life, Burlingame is home to several prominent companies, including Virgin America and LSG Sky Chefs Inc., as well as a growing number of life sciences companies.




Types of Burlingame Commercial Property

Even though Burlingame isn’t a large city, it offers a range of properties to meet most commercial needs. For example, if you’re looking for an office for your own company, you could consider Burlingame office space in the pleasant downtown area. If you’re looking to invest in property and rent it out to transportation companies, you might be interested in a Burlingame warehouse for sale.

Of course, there are many other types of real estate you can use for various purposes, such as labs, retail or hospitality, depending on the zoning.

Let Us Help You Acquire Commercial Real Estate in Burlingame

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