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Commercial Real Estate Beachwood

Investors looking for commercial real estate in Beachwood and manufacturers looking for industrial property in Beachwood are both looking for unique locations. At Coldwell Banker Commercial, we have a network of nearly 3000 seasoned real estate professionals ready to connect you with the right opportunities for your business.




Why Rent or Buy Commercial Real Estate in Beachwood?

Beachwood is a small town of approximately 12,000 inhabitants located around 10 miles west of Cleveland in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. It was established in 1915 and named a city in 1960.

Although the spelling of the city’s name would suggest it’s close to a body of water, it’s actually named for the many beech trees that grew throughout the original village. Most people believe the current spelling is the result of an error during the early 20th century, when a clerk may have misspelled the village’s name.

Today, thanks to its close proximity to Cleveland, Beachwood is primarily a residential area. However, it’s also home to several large companies, including DDR Corp., The Eaton Corporation, TOA Technologies and Aleris.

Beachwood is highly accessible thanks to its location on some of the main regional and national routes. It’s bordered on the east by Interstate 271, which connects to Interstate 90 to the north and Interstate 480 to the south. Highway 422 runs from east to west, as does State Route 87. State Route 175 runs from north to south.

Types of Commercial Property in Beachwood and Nearby Communities

Business owners and investors will be pleased to learn there’s a wide range of commercial property available in Beachwood. There are several malls with retail property, including LaPlace Center and Beachwood Place. Also, plenty of Beachwood commercial property can be used as office space, like the spaces available at the Park East Office Park and Corporate Park of Beachwood.

Industrial real estate is also available in Beachwood, as well as throughout some of the nearby communities. Some prime locations include Corbin Industrial Park in Warrenville Heights and Metro Industrial Park in Bedford Heights.

Let Coldwell Banker Commercial Assist You

When it comes to looking for real estate — regardless of whether it’s for investment or business purposes — you deserve the best advice from specialized, experienced professionals. There are plenty of realtors out there, but few are as committed to excellence as the real estate professionals at Coldwell Banker Commercial.

Our people understand purchasing or leasing a commercial, industrial or retail property in Beachwood is a strategic decision that needs to impact your business in a positive way. You can rely on our local knowledge and connections to provide you with the best possible options to match your search criteria. Once you’ve found a commercial building in Beachwood that’s perfect for your purposes, we’ll put our expertise to work to assist you throughout the leasing or closing process.

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