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Amarillo, TX, Commercial Real Estate

Do you dream of doing business in the Lone Star state? Are you intrigued by the idea of paying nothing in individual state income tax and living in the Texas Panhandle? Then you may want to consider opening up or expanding your business in Amarillo. Featuring a mix of history and industry, Amarillo is often called the “Yellow Rose of Texas.” For years, it provided much of the country’s supply of helium. Now it’s better known for the meat packaging industry.

Amarillo has a low unemployment rate, though job growth has been static in recent years. That could change in the future, as job growth is expected to nearly match the national average. That means it’s a good time for companies entering the market because people are eager to find new job opportunities.

As you would expect, it gets very hot in this part of Texas, with temperatures regularly spiking into the 100s. If you don’t mind the warmer climate, Amarillo offers many benefits to business owners.




The Advantages of Buying or Leasing Commercial Real Estate in Amarillo, TX

The northwest and southern parts of Amarillo have seen construction booming in recent years. Center City of Amarillo was formed to help revitalize the city and attract new businesses to the area. It’s therefore very welcoming and receptive to new companies, and you can find a lot of eager partners for community-focused ventures.

You will also discover plenty of downtown and suburban space for retail, one of the area’s biggest professions, along with social assistance and health care. Manufacturing is also a major industry, with ample plant and distribution space available in the area. You also may note the average employee take-home pay in Amarillo is lower than it is in other parts of the country.

Work With the Coldwell Banker Commercial Team

Whether you have an Amarillo business building for sale or you want to purchase property in the area, the Coldwell Banker Commercial professionals can assist you. We know the area because we have agents traversing it alongside their clients every day. Although we are a national organization, we maintain a local presence in Amarillo that gives us an advantage over other places. We know what’s happening in the market through first-hand experience.

Other reasons to work with the Coldwell Banker Commercial team include:

  • Fast assistance: We get back to you quickly from the moment you first contact us. 
  • Expertise: Our network of nearly 3,000 professionals across the country know their markets inside and out, and can give you advice you can trust on pricing and location.
  • Variety: We sell a number of different property types, including hospitality, office, commercial land, distressed and more.

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Get to know the community where you want to locate your business. Use our data and market trends to locate the most opportune locations for office space for rent or warehouse space for sale in Amarillo, TX. Then put our agents to work for you. Get in touch with us to start your real estate search or to list your existing property.