Coldwell Banker Commercial® (CBC) property management professionals provide comprehensive property management services geared towards customized solutions to fulfill the expectations of property owners.They work with owners to evaluate the property operating characteristics and develop a management plan that will maximize tenant retention, minimize operating expenses, and maximize value to ensure the security and integrity of each specific property managed.

CBC professionals provide a variety of services to meet the client’s objectives including comprehensiveproperty management, accounting and maintenance plans. They serve as an owner’s representative when working with tenants, procuring vendors, or managing existing supplier relationships. CBC professionals ensure that the property owner stays well informed as to the on-going operating needs with comprehensive monthly reporting and work with the property owner on long-term capital planning to make sure that each client’s asset is well-positioned to perform according to the owners expectations.

CBC professionals work exhaustively to customize management program for clients. We will also keep you apprised of market conditions and advise you on opportunities to market your property for sale when your investment goals are achieved.


CBC professionals come from multiple locations and backgrounds, but they have one thing in common: an unwavering commitment to developing custom solutions that will exceed client expectations. Serving as trusted advisors with innovative and profitable ideas and solutions, every CBC professional is client-focused and results-driven to exceed the owner’s expectations.

Under the Coldwell Banker Commercial brand, there are affiliated property management professionals across the United States and around the world. This extensive network provides you with the right solutions for your property management needs, no matter the property type or location. Whether you are a local property owner, a regional investor, or a national asset manager, CBC professionals understand the local real estate market and can develop a management plan for your requirements.

Thank you for requesting a property evaluation. A Coldwell Banker Commercial professional will be in touch with you soon.