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Blaine Poppler has been with Coldwell Banker Commercial since 1995. Born and raised in Billings Montana gives Blaine a deep understanding of the history and future of commercial real estate in Billings and Yellowstone County Montana. Blaine has specialized in land sales and listings but has over 20 years of experience in all areas of commercial and investment real estate. Knowledge of zoning, subdivision, annexation and superior location have been a benefit to both Sellers and Buyers. Working with builders, developers and investors to acquire top deals in multi-family, retail and industrial tracts also requires providing the tools and experience available to the sellers of development properties. With a lifetime of relations, and knowledge, Blaine knows and understands the goals and the deep rooted relationship so many land owners have with the land that is now in the path of development. With the knowledge and experience to successfully accomplish zoning, subdivision and annexation to the best interest of all involved, both buyers and sellers come out on top and all parties can achieve their goals. Having worked with clients as diverse as churches, agricultural land owners, multi-family developers commercial site locaters and community planners, Blaine has built the relationships required for effective representation of buyers and sellers alike. With a broad inventory of development land listings and new and returning buyers Blaine's busy practice always welcomes the opportunity to discuss and inform new client's goals and opportunities.

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