Phoenix, AZ - In the heart of the Roosevelt Historic District, a venerable timepiece stands proudly, welcoming the dawn of its 110th year. Behold the L. L. Steward House, an architectural masterpiece built in February 1914, that seamlessly intertwines history and modern functionality. This commercial gem, spanning approximately 2,678 square feet, invites you to step into a world where the past meets the future.

The L. L. Steward House was first seen in the Arizona Republican on February 8, 1914 as the cherished home of Louis and Mary Steward. In 1947, a transformative shift occurred as the original residence was reimagined into distinct apartments. In 1985, the property underwent a meticulous conversion into a multi-suite office building, standing testament to the changing times. In 1996, the property found new stewards as it became the office for the current owners. The subsequent years, from 2005 to 2014, marked a period of meticulous restoration, aimed at restoring the property to its original design while seamlessly integrating a contemporary office layout. This careful restoration honored the historical significance of the L. L. Steward House while ensuring its functionality for the modern era.

 Today, this architectural gem proudly stands as the embodiment of its rich history, skillfully preserved by the current owners, and continues to play a vital role in the vibrant tapestry of the historic Roosevelt Neighborhood.  

Its two stories of elegance houses eight offices and two collaboration/conference rooms, creating a dynamic space spanning the intersection of history and innovation. This timeless structure, adorned with period-specific details, features a kitchen, breakroom area, and two restrooms, providing a blend of historical charm and contemporary convenience.  Ease of access is paramount, and the L. L. Steward House doesn't disappoint. With convenient parking at the rear featuring eight surface spaces, your business and clients will find a hassle-free experience. The strategic location within the Roosevelt Historic District ensures that you're not just acquiring a property but a coveted address where history and accessibility converge.  

Imagine your business thriving in a locale that effortlessly combines historic charm with modern amenities. The Roosevelt Historic District offers a highly walkable environment, providing residents and employees with easy access to public and private services, retail outlets, a flourishing restaurant scene, entertainment options, and convenient grocery stores. This isn't just a workspace; it's a vibrant and convenient setting that caters to both professional and personal needs.    The downtown area has become a focal point of growth and development, featuring NBA and MLB franchises, nationally acclaimed restaurants, efficient light rail transportation, top-notch entertainment, and thriving businesses. In the "Valley of the Sun," you'll find a work-life balance that harmonizes productivity and enjoyment.  

Are you ready to script the next chapter of your business journey? The L. L. Steward House, with its rich history and strategic location, beckons visionary entrepreneurs. Contact Rick Kehm with Coldwell Banker Commercial Realty at 602-432-2793 to schedule a private tour and explore the endless possibilities that await this iconic historic property.

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