Moving Day! 5 Tips to Keep Office Moves Streamlined

Whether you’re upgrading to a larger space or moving to better-located office space, there are plenty of reasons why companies choose to move. Moving day — and the months leading up to the relocation — can be hectic. Here, we’ll provide you with the five moving day tips to move your entire office from one building to another. This will allow you to keep everything streamlined and as enjoyable as possible for all of your team members.

  1. Organization is key

When preparing to move, it may be tempting to quickly pack everything in boxes and go. However, you will save time (and a headache) in the long run if you choose to create an organized system for packing up your office items.

First, you’ll want to sort your office supplies by priority. Be sure to group important items and paperwork together and various nonessential gadgets separately. While doing this, mark boxes clearly. You might even consider a color coding system, using various colored tapes or markers to indicate what’s inside each box. This will help you remain organized, especially when unpacking items in the new office space.

  1. Delegate specific tasks

An office move includes many tasks. From the bathroom to the kitchen to the lobby to each individual office, you’re likely to have many spaces that need packing up and potentially cleaning before you officially move out. Because of this, you’ll need everyone to pitch in. Instead of simply asking for people to help, be sure to delegate specific tasks. By keeping a checklist of what needs to be done with an individual or group of people assigned to each task, you’re sure to stay on track for a successful move.

  1. Plan ahead

A last-minute move will result in a stressful move, leaving you to rush at the last minute and potentially forget items to pack. If possible, begin the moving process months in advance. This will give you time to sort out packing lists, rally volunteers, and organize your various office items.

By planning ahead, you can also prioritize the items that you back. First, pack things you won’t need right away and box up the essentials last.

  1. Rally volunteers

You can’t move your office by yourself! Either gather a group of coworkers to create a moving committee or hire a moving service. By having multiple people involved in the moving process, you’ll make sure that each step on the moving list is covered and handled with care.

  1. Get rid of unnecessary items

As you’re going through your office supplies and packing up your various items, you may run across things that you didn’t realize you had or that you may no longer need. This is the perfect time to ditch the office supplies that you haven’t touched in years and start fresh. There’s no need to carry extra weight during a move, especially when you probably won’t use those items anyway. Take this time to declutter and refresh your office space.

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