Life, Family, and Values: An American Story of a Lucky Name

The following is a guest post from Lynn Kaiser Conrad, Brand Ambassador — Coldwell Banker Commercial 

Coldwell Banker Commercial has four core values. They are: Do Right, Big Hearted, Ownership Mentality, and Win Together. These core values are the underlying essence of the individuals who comprise the CBC network. These values are demonstrated by sales practitioners, office support staff and leaders of affiliate companies, as well as the corporate staff.

Coldwell Banker Commercial likes to capture the stories that demonstrate one or many of these core values. This story is an example of CBC Core Values. How many values can you identify?

In addition to his passion for real estate, Craig Carter with Coldwell Banker Commercial M.M. Parrish Realtors has a life-long passion for flying. Craig’s father was a commercial pilot for a major airline and when Craig was a teenager, things changed.

Jimmy Carter was running for President and he needed a pilot. When his campaign advisors presented him with a roster of potential pilots for the Jimmy Carter campaign, legend has it that they all agreed, they had to have the pilot named Jimmy Carter, who was Craig’s dad.

So starts a Big Hearted story of Jimmy Carter ferrying Jimmy Carter from coast to coast meeting people, shaking hands and posing for photos. When Presidential Nominee Jimmy Carter would embark the plane after a political stomp, if he received a gift personalized with his name, Jimmy Carter would give it to his pilot, Jimmy Carter.

“My dad told us the story that Jimmy Carter would board the plane and say, ‘these folks gave me a gift with your name on it’ and during their year together my dad collected many items, all of which sat in our living room. They are now on permanent loan to the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum,” Carter stated.

Craig Carter shared that typically Air Force One brings in the newly elected President to attend the inauguration. For some reason for Carter’s inauguration, Air Force One was not available, so Jimmy Carter, the pilot, was summoned to take Jimmy Carter, the President-Elect, to the inauguration and remained for the event as the guest of the newly elected President.

As a teenager, Craig’s dad frequently invited him to travel on different flights, but Craig always declined. So, a few years ago, when Rosalind Carter, former first lady, was going to be a guest speaker in Craig’s town of Gainesville, Florida, Craig reached out to her team of folks and offered to fly her and Jimmy to the event.  Jimmy was unable to attend. Craig coordinated through all the channels including with her secret service corps to bring Mrs. Carter to town.

As it turned out, Rosalind wasn’t feeling well, and Jimmy Carter was the substitute speaker. Craig Carter reached out to his community and had folks volunteer a jet, pilot, fuel, and more to make the trip happen.

“I spent an hour on the plane each way reminiscing with Jimmy Carter about my dad and the year they spent together,” Carter said. “We also spoke of life, family, and values. It was a time I will always remember.”


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