Amazon has been an extremely innovative force. In the past few years, they have totally revolutionized the e-commerce market, how we grocery shop, how we check out and even the shipping industry. Now, they have moved on and targeted airports. No, Amazon is not creating flying stores… However, they are looking into bringing their checkout-less stores to airports in hopes of appealing to travelers who are looking for quick, convenient options in between flights.

Amazon has been incredibly ambitious with its recent expansions, and they continue to do so as we enter the new year. In the past few months, Amazon has created checkout-free stores in Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco. Mainly these stores providing groceries and quick lunch options for people on the go. The shopper scans their phone upon entering the store. They are then identified using cameras and recognition technology. They choose what items they want and simply leave the store. The products are then automatically charged to their credit card on file.

Amazon now thinks that technology can translate to airports, a great location for the concept due to travelers needing quick and easy options. According to insider information, Amazon Go teams have contacted and requested a meeting in June of 2018 with Los Angeles International Airport. It has also been mentioned that San Jose International Airport was contacted as well. However, Amazon directly has declined to comment on the matter.

Since then it has been said that other major airports have reached out to Amazon regarding interest in having Amazon Go stores in their locations. The head of concessions at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport reportedly reached out inquiring about a partnership.

So why are airports so hungry to get Amazon Go into their locations? Amazon has been known for innovative ideas, and there is often a lot of buzz surrounding their new products. This buzz can create enhances traffic to certain locations. People will be more likely to catch a connecting flight through one of these premier locations to check out the new stores. This creates a symbiotic relationship between the Amazon Go stores and the airports where they are located.

Additionally, for Amazon having a new concept in airports give exposure and brand awareness like never before. Think of the buzz that would occur. According to the United States Department of Transportation, more than 350 million people flew through only 12 of the top airports in the U.S in 2018. Travelers in airports can literally be from every corner of the globe, allowing word of mouth and excitement surrounding the brand to get global exposure.

Though we will have to wait for the first store to open in an airport to see exactly what Amazon has in store, it is safe to say they are always on the cutting edge of new technological advances and push boundaries on exciting new ideas an concepts for today as well as the future.

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