Madison, N.J. (July 18, 2023) - Coldwell Banker Commercial®, a renowned name in the commercial real estate industry and Anywhere brand (NYSE: HOUS) is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with CompStak, the leading provider of commercial real estate lease and sales comp data. This collaboration brings together two powerhouses in the field, aiming to enable brokers to access accurate, reliable, and up-to-date CRE data.


As brokers navigate the dynamic landscape of commercial real estate, having access to granular and vetted data is essential for making informed decisions and driving successful transactions. The partnership between Coldwell Banker Commercial and CompStak aims to address this critical need by leveraging the strengths of both companies' wide-sweeping networks of CRE professionals across the US.


CompStak has established itself as a leading provider of CRE data, amassing a vast and diverse database of crowd-sourced commercial property information. Their proprietary technology and robust platform aggregate and authenticate data from a large network of 35,000+ professionals at brokerages and appraisal firms, ensuring accuracy and completeness. With millions of data points on lease comparables, sales comparables, and property information, CompStak has become an indispensable resource for brokers seeking reliable insights.


Coldwell Banker Commercial, a highly respected brand with a rich history in the commercial real estate industry, brings its extensive network of brokers and market expertise to the partnership. With a presence across the United States and internationally, Coldwell Banker Commercial is well-positioned to leverage CompStak's data to benefit its brokers and clients.


Through this partnership, brokers affiliated with the Coldwell Banker Commercial brand will gain access to CompStak's comprehensive data platform, giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace. Brokerage professionals can now access rental rates, terms, concessions, property details, and other essential data points quickly and conveniently, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and deliver exceptional value to their clients.


"We are thrilled to partner with Coldwell Banker Commercial," said Michael Mandel, Co-Founder & CEO of CompStak. "We've had a longstanding friendship with CBC's leadership and its brokers throughout the country who have found tremendous value in our data and analytics platform for years. We're very excited to formalize that relationship and build for the future."


"We are excited to join forces with CompStak," said Dan Spiegel, SVP and Managing Director of Coldwell Banker Commercial. "Their dedication to data accuracy and innovation aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our brokers and clients. By providing our brokers with access to CompStak's platform, we are further enhancing our ability to meet the evolving needs of the commercial real estate market."


This partnership reflects the shared commitment of CompStak and Coldwell Banker Commercial to provide brokers with the resources necessary to thrive in an increasingly data-driven industry. Equipping brokers with accurate and quality data can enhance their market expertise, build stronger relationships with clients, close deals quicker and more efficiently, and thrive in today's ever-changing marketplace.



About CompStak

CompStak is the leading platform for reliable and accurate CRE lease and sales comp data. Our data is crowdsourced from a large network of 35,000+ professionals at brokerages and appraisal firms and then rigorously verified by our team of real estate data experts. We are trusted by real estate investors, lenders, asset managers, brokers, and appraisers who rely on our data to drive their business forward. 


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