7 WFH Tools to Keep Your Day Streamlined

As the world adjusts to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, remote work has proven to be an effective strategy for offsetting the economic effects of the pandemic. Remote tools or work from home tools allow businesses to stay open and productive, without having to put their employees at risk for being exposed to COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. 

Fortunately, these precautions have been widely adopted, with more than 90 percent of business leaders attending a recent Gartner webinar polling that they had implemented some sort of work from home (WFH) strategies in their offices, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

If you find yourself working remotely these days, whether for professional or personal reasons, there are a number of tools that you can implement to help your team stay organized and productive, and to keep your day streamlined. Here are some of our favorites. 


Whether you work independently or as part of a broader team, Trello can make it easier for you when you’re working remotely. Trello allows you to collaborate on projects on “boards,” community platforms that can contain images, files, comments, and more about a specific project. You can create a list of plans or tasks to help delegate responsibility and keep everyone on task and projects moving forward. 


Thankfully, meetings and quick catch up sessions don’t have to suffer, even if you and your team are no longer in the same building. If you’re in the market for video conferencing software, this simple solution that offers virtual conference rooms boasts a set up time of less than 15 minutes. 


One of the most important aspects of work, no matter where you’re working from, is productivity – and a big part of that is keeping track of your time effectively. Toggl is a great tool to keep track of how and where your time is being spent, so that you can make smart choices when you’re working. The timers also sync across your browser, phone, and desktop apps. 

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is another great tool to help keep track of how you spend your time and boost productivity. Time Doctor provides automated screenshots, to not only track your activity but also provide feedback on the amount of time you spend doing various tasks, such as chatting with team members. It also delivers data on the amount of time you dedicated to specific clients or projects.


Now a household name, the video conferencing tool Zoom has a wide range of applications, from facilitating remote training sessions for employees to online video meetings. This tool is especially useful for large scale enterprising with many employees, since it can host up to 1,000 video participants and 10,000 viewers at once. 


Particularly helpful for those in marketing, this project management tool features elements useful for organizing content, calendars, social media, projects, and more. It also features asset storage, if you need it. 


This big brother in the field of remote work, offering tools to remote workers since before it was cool, promises to solve many of your work from home needs in one comprehensive platform. In Basecamp, you first create projects. Then, within these projects, you can assign specific tasks, create to-do lists, send announcements to team members, schedule meetings, share documents or files, and start group chats. One of Basecamp’s strengths is its emphasis on the asynchronous nature of working remotely. If your team operates on different schedules or in different places, this can be a great solution. 

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