7 Tips for a Successful Mindset in 2018

Attitude is everything and your mindset determines your attitude. Some of the most successful people in the world say that having a positive mindset and a go-getter attitude is their secret to success, so why not do the same? If you want to start 2018 aimed at increasing YOUR success, start with these 7 tips and challenge yourself to stick with them throughout the year.


#1: Say Yes

A disciplined mindset is about saying no when you really want to say yes. Having a successful mindset means staying open to new opportunities and being willing to say yes when they arise. Say yes to opportunities that may challenge you. Say yes to new experiences. Say yes to a new project if it interests you. Say yes to a business trip. Do you sense a pattern here? In 2018, don’t have a “stay-the-course” attitude – get out and say yes to what you want!


#2: Commit to Work/Life Balance

We’ve all heard the same advice — if you never allow time for yourself or family or fun, you will burn yourself out. In 2018, do something about it. Instead of turning work into a grind, try to remember to balance what you can. Take time to do the things that make you happy so you can contribute that happiness to your work product.


#3: Meet New People

Meetinnew people is not only good for your mindset; it can help increase your success. You never know when that one chance meeting is going to turn into something great. Go to a business conference, join a club, or be a part of community events – anything that can get you out of your normal circle and mingling with new people to build a more successful mindset.


#4: Learn from Failures

Maybe you tried for a promotion and didn’t get it. Maybe your business has hit the skids and it’s left you feeling hopeless. That’s the wrong mindset. Learn from your failures. The difference between success and failure is the trying. If you fail, keep trying. If you learn from your mistakes, you’ll be in a much better position to succeed the next time because you know what not to do.


#5: Refresh and Renew Your Goals

The most successful people are always refining and renewing their strategies for success. If you’ve reached the goal you set last year, set a new one for this year. Having clear goals in mind helps you focus and increases your chances of success. Don’t be afraid to shoot for even bigger goals this time – you just may surprise yourself.


#6: Do an Attitude Check

It’s one thing to have other people cheering you on and believing in you, but if you don’t have that positive attitude within yourself, you won’t be successful. Even if you achieve some level of success, your attitude may prevent you from really enjoying it. Check your attitude going into the New Year and make sure that you are feeling positive and confident in yourself for a successful mindset.


#7: Challenge Yourself

There is a running theme in these tips and that is to challenge yourself. It’s easy to get complacent when you’ve found a nice groove but success is about growth. Keep growing and challenging yourself. With every new challenge you overcome, the more success you’ll achieve.

Here’s to a successful 2018!


Written by Nicole Brzyski for Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates 

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