6 Tips for Fueling Your CRE Pipeline in the New Year

This year is almost in the books. As a CRE agent, that just means that it’s time to take a look at your CRE pipeline. Are you ready for 2018? Will you be stuck priming the same pumps as you did this year or do you want to refresh your strategy to build a pipeline of leads for a strong new year? If you want to refresh and reenergize your CRE pipeline for 2018, here are 6 tips to help fuel your lead generation strategy.


#1: Make Personal Contact with Potential Leads

First things first, you need to weed out the dead leads and highlight new ones by organizing your current CRM (Customer Retention Management) database. As you do that, start reaching out to potential leads. Don’t just send an email blast or a text message, actually pick up the phone and make personal contact with potential leads.

Start with friends and family. You never know who in your circle may be thinking about starting a business and is looking to rent or buy property. Even if none of your friends and family are interested, they may know someone who is. At least make the ask.

Also, get back in touch with some of your old clients. Those that were satisfied with the help that you provided them will usually be more than happy to send some referrals your way. People that you see in your community may also be in need of your services. Look for local businesses that could use your help and approach them with your business card or make a call.


#2: Host a Broker Open for a Particular Listing

Hosting a broker open can bring an onslaught of new referrals. It will also help you build a relationship with local brokers in your area. If you have a special listing that you think will attract a lot of interest, it is the perfect place to host a broker open.


#3: Throw a Holiday Party

A good CRE agent knows how to mix business and pleasure. Holiday parties will abound over the next month. Make sure to go to a couple where you might find some leads or throw a holiday party yourself. Invite past clients, new leads, as well as friends and family.


#4: Use LinkedIn and Other Professional Social Media Sites

You can utilize practically any social media site to farm for leads. However, the more professional social media sites like LinkedIn and NextDoor will have stronger potential leads since most of your contacts there will be fellow professionals offering their services.

Just being on one of these sites is not enough. You have to be active and engaged with the online community. Make sure to comment on posts and make posts yourself. You can even start your own LinkedIn blog to highlight your expertise and drum up new business.


#5: Go Out and Canvas for New Prospects

You’d be surprised at how many prospects are waiting for you just around the corner if you go out and canvass for new prospects. All you have to do is go for a ride around town to see which businesses may need your help. Is their store in a bad location? Is the layout all wrong for their line of business? When you find that new prospect, take the time to show them what they need to improve their business and how you can help, including showing them real numbers and taking the time to make a strong pitch.


#6: Think Outside the Borders for New Clients

Lastly, remember that your prospect pool in the digital age is borderless. According to CNBC, Chinese investors are looking to invest about $200 billion dollars in real estate in places like LA, Miami, New York, and Seattle over the next year. Are you thinking outside the borders for new prospects?


 Written by Nicole Brzyski for Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates