The global hospitality game is changing fast. As the hotel scene is striving to provide guests with transformative experiences, CRE is paying attention to these 6 hot trends. Keep an eye out for these upcoming hotel evolutions: 

Placing a Heavy Focus on Wellness 

Cultivating wellness is becoming a top priority for hotels around the world. As the stresses of daily life get more intense, hotels are adapting to become a space where people can come to get rejuvenated. 

Guests can get refueled with nutritious and delicious dining options, top of the line fitness centers, and heavenly spas.

Implementing More Artificial Intelligence 

AI is being used to optimize all areas of business, hotels included. 

As technology continues to advance, hotels will be implementing more artificial intelligence into their business module. Whether it’s in the form of data collection and analysis, automated chatbots, or company-wide revenue management; AI will be the hotel industry’s favorite business-boosting tool.  

Balancing Work and Play 

Hotels will be focused on creating a holistic guest experience in 2020 and beyond. We all want to find and sustain the perfect balance of having fun, working hard, and living well — and the hotel’s of tomorrow will be dedicated to helping you thrive. 

As more and more people work remotely and travel with their families, the barriers between work, daily life, and vacations are becoming thinner than ever. Contemporary hotels need to supply guests with what they need to optimize every aspect of their lives.

Attaining this balanced lifestyle will be possible by creating multiple experiences that guests can enjoy. 

Quiet office-like spaces equipped with desks and speedy wifi create the perfect atmosphere for a successful work session. Lively lounges, outdoor activities, gyms, entertainment rooms, and sports courts all make playing impossible to resist. When it’s time to wind down, guests can go to the spa or spend a night in their rooms with world-class room service. 

Smart Rooms Becoming the New Norm 

Smart technology isn’t just for homes — it’s for hotels, too. 

As all things Smart become increasingly popular, we’ll be seeing a greater integration into the hotel scene. Hotels know that today’s guests are tech-centric and are expecting the market’s best gadgets to be available for them throughout their stay. 

The Smart trend in hotels will bring voice control and personal automation to the rooms and common areas, so get ready for tons of touch screens. 

A Boost of Eco-Tourism 

While modern society does love technology, everyone needs to unplug sometimes. 

Hotels are aware that guests will be looking to go off-the-grid to get immersed in nature for their 2020 vacations. Expect to see world-class hotels with the hottest amenities popping up in the most remote locations around the globe. 

Preparing for Increased International Travel

Hotels are adopting a worldwide mindset as we head into the future. 

As the world around us becomes increasingly globalized, hotels play a major role in the migration of people within and between countries. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, 2020 is anticipated to be a huge year for international travel. 

These 6 trends will be transforming hotels. For more industry insights, check out the CBC blog.

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