5 Ways Agents Can Stay Organized (with Tech) in 2019

If you’ve chosen commercial real estate as your career path, then you know it can be an extremely time-consuming, and competitive, while also being profitable and rewarding. You have to be a self-motivated individual while still knowing how to be a major team player. So, what can you do to make your day flow as seamlessly as possible? How can you organize yourself so that you can focus on making and closing deals and getting the most out of your profession?

Let’s follow suit with the time and let technology help us. Here are 5 ways you can stay organized with tech in 2019.

Daily Tasks

One of the best ways to get, and stay organized is by making lists of your daily tasks, and things to do. You can order these by importance and check them off as you go along. This ensures that nothing is forgotten and things are prioritized as needed.

Apps such as Wunderlist makes this incredibly simple. You can add daily tasks to a neatly packaged mobile or desktop based app. You can share your list with colleagues, employees or even clients (if applicable). You can also assign tasks to others. Best part? It’s totally free.

Document Signing

It is no secret many precious hours are spent searching out clients so they can sign documents. Once they are signed, then you must store them. Even with advancements such as emailing contracts, the client must print the file, sign and scan it, then send it back. No with document signing technology getting things signed easily and legally is simpler than ever.

Websites such as DocuSign and Contractually allow you to go paperless and send a variety of custom documents and contracts. With a click of a button, you can sign and send virtually anything. These softwares also allow you to save these documents, which can make organizing them into virtual files easy and quick. Think one external hard drive rather than 10 file cabinets, filled with paper just collecting dust.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management, also known as CRM is a great way to take your brokerage or business to the next level. Integrating a CRM with your leads can help manage client or prospective client data, at a base level. More advanced CRM capability can offer advanced analysis and reporting curated to help your business. This allows you to be organized internally and work more efficiently. Check out Top Producer and REthink CRM, both specifically geared toward real estate professionals.


When it comes to marketing and advertising, technology can help organize you like never before. Of course, social media is an extremely effective marketing tool. You can use services like HopperHQ to schedule out posts on Instagram in advance and then link them to Facebook or Twitter. This allows you to spend less time on social media while maintaining a striking and functional page.

Additionally, using tech to organize your email marketing and create appealing newsletters and campaigns are a great way to appeal to clients. Mailchimp and Constant Contact are tried and true sites that will help you achieve your best marketing goals easily.

Overall, organizing yourself to achieve peak efficiency is incredibly important. So why not let tech help you work smarter for 2019 and beyond.

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