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5 CRE LinkedIn Networking Groups to Join Today

LinkedIn continues to be a leader in social networking and connecting for professionals. Members can learn more about professionals in their industry and connect with thought leaders and power players. With the addition of LinkedIn groups, members can connect on an even deeper level and, more specifically, with thought leaders in their space and gather insights from professionals across the globe.


5 CRE Trends to Watch in 2017 by Sector

If you’re looking for the latest predictions of where Commercial Real Estate is headed for 2017, particularly for your sector, you’ve arrived at the right place! Welcome to the future.


5 Places Where Multifamily Construction is Booming

Ever wonder where to go to find a shiny, brand new apartment complex? Multi-family construction is booming all over the US, and is continuing on trends that began years ago, and have been increasing, believe it or not. These five cities are some of the largest in the current iteration of the boom!