Market Intelligence: Blue Book

The Coldwell Banker Commercial® (CBC) Blue Book offers a unique market perspective with data generated by true commercial real estate market experts – the professionals of the Coldwell Banker Commercial companies within the local markets. In total, there are over 130 domestic and international markets covered in this edition of the Blue Book. 

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Commercial Real Estate Services

Coldwell Banker Commercial is a commercial real estate company has over 3,000 professionals worldwide. This group of talented commercial real estate agents are experts in their local commercial real estate markets and can help you with your commercial real estate search. Whether you are looking for commercial real estate for sale or commercial real estate lease your local CBC agent can find you the commercial property you need.

What Sets us Apart From Other Commercial Real Estate Companies?

We have the drive, the passion, and the instinct to find our customers the perfect commercial real estate property. We are approximately 200 independently owned commercial real estate companies combined into one powerhouse commercial real estate company. We have a wide reach in the commercial real estate industry and have a large variety of commercial properties to choose from. Get in touch with your local commercial real estate expert and search for commercial real estate properties in your area today!


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A Global Footprint

With locations in over 40 countries, CBC is one of the largets commercial real estate companies and has one of the largest geographical footprints in today’s commercial real estate marketplace.  
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