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8 Commercial Real Estate Tech Apps to Download in 2016

In the CRE industry, conducting business on the fly is becoming the norm. Clients, colleagues, and competitors all expect more responsiveness and flexibility than ever before. Making use of mobile technology is a must, and there is no shortage of options.


8 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Property Manager

Whether your property is a vacation home or a multi-family investment property, it’s likely that you will not be managing the day-to-day details yourself. Finding the right property manager can have a big impact on how your property retains its value, as well as how many headaches it may cause you.


Here's Where Businesses Want to Be in 2016

The experts are weighing in on which U.S. cities will likely be most attractive to business in the coming year. They look at measures like job growth, construction, and major industries, as well as favorable tax laws and other incentives that can create a business-friendly climate. Here’s a look at the cities that are expected to show the strongest growth in 2016.