The Green Tree Center is at the intersection of Green Tree Blvd. and Hesperia Road. The traffic count at this intersection were 28,200 ADT's. The traffic counts is expected to increase substantially in 2020 due the extension of Green Tree Blvd. over the Railroad tracks to Yucca Loma Road. The Shopping Center is Being Renovated and Repositioned. The Extension of Green Tree Blvd. from Hesperia Road to Ridgecrest Road would create the 5th east-west street that crosses the railroad tracks. The Yucca Loma Road portion of this corridor has been completed from Apple Valley Road (A) to Ridgecrest Road at a cost of $60 million include a bridge across the Mojave River. The Extension of Green Tree from Hesperia Road (C) to Ridgecrest Road will be completed the summer of 2020. This will cost $40 million and will involve the construction of a bridge over the railroad tracks. The funds have been allocated for this portion of the corridor. The City of Victorville has been acquiring land for the Right of Way. Construction of the bridge is scheduled to start in 2019 and finish in 2020.

Property Type: Retail
Available Space: 26,152
Listing ID: KHS4ZK
Style: Retail Bldg -General Use
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