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Coldwell Banker Commercial Premier

T om Naseef works as a Commercial Real Estate Specialist with Coldwell Banker Commercial Premier. Tom has been established in the Las V egas mar k et since 1978, and T om ' s e xpertise has been used b y many of the top d e v elopment and in v estment firms th r oughout the w orld working in the areas of: Multi f amily Co m me r cial Land T om ' s e xperience is what dri v es value f or a p r operty and in v esto r s. His p r ov en mar k eting st r ateg y , st r ategic underwriting ski l ls, and the backing of the Coldwell Banker Commercial global plat f orm a l l o w him to c r eati v ely position any p r operty in the mar k et to inc r ease value. T om ' s backg r ound in sales, leasing, and a s set management brings enormous depth and unde r standing to each a s sig n ment to c r eate a memo r able e xperience f or e v ery client he ser v es. T om partne r s with each client and listens to understand their unique busine s s needs, and designs an integ r ated service offering. His goal is to a d d value to a l l y our c o m me r cial r eal estate needs.

Certified Commercial Investment Member
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8290 W. Sahara Avenue, Suite 200
Las Vegas, NV 89117

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